Get Directions Help

You can use the FedEx ® Locator to get directions to any location where you drop off or pick up your FedEx Express ® and FedEx Ground ® shipments or use copy and print services.

What Do I Need to Know?
The Help Section has been divided into sections to make your experience easy:

Select Direction Type
Based on availability, you can select from driving, public transportaion, walking and biking directions. Switch the type of directions by clicking on the appropriate icon under the Get Directions heading. The map and text-based instructions will change to match your preferred transportation method.

Please note: Directions are a service we partnered with Google to provide. While Google is working on making directions available everywhere, it might be the case that they are still missing from your region.

Alter Your Location
You can change your starting point and your destination by editing the text boxes labeled A and B, respectively. After making your desired changes, click the Get Directions button.

You can also switch the starting point and destination by clicking the button with up and down arrows. The click the Get Directions button to get the revised directions.

Checking Traffic and Changing Your Route
You can view real-time traffic by clicking on the Traffic button towards the upper-right corner of the map. If you need to adjust your route, click on the blue route line and drag it to get alternate driving directions.

Print Directions
Click the print icon below the Get Directions heading to print a copy of the text directions and a small image of the map.

Close Directions
To return to the FedEx ® Locator search results page, click the Back to Results link at the top right of the Get Directions section.