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Minimum Charge

Effective Date January 1, 2018

Item 610
Minimum Charge
  1. The minimum charge for a shipment will apply as follows:
    1. The applicable rate for each article multiplied by the actual weight of the articles but not less than the minimum charge shown in Class Rates and Charges, from origin to destination. Charges will not be reduced below the applicable minimum charge after discount or absolute minimum charge, whichever produces the higher charge.
    2. The minimum charge for an LTL shipment of Household Goods or Personal Effects as described in NMFC items 100200 and 100262 will be 500 pounds at the applicable rate.
    3. For the minimum charge for CAPACITY LOAD see item 390 herein.
    4. For the minimum charge for CONTROL AND EXCLUSIVE USE see Item 470 herein.
    5. For the minimum charges in discount items, see Item 404 herein.