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FedEx Reporting Online
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Overview and Features
FedEx® Reporting Online (FRO) is a Web-based application that enables you to request, view and download reports concerning the business activity you have with FedEx.  In FedEx Reporting Online, you can check status of current report requests, schedule weekly and monthly reports and invite other registered users to share your accounts for reporting purposes.
All data in FedEx Reporting Online reflects shipments that have been invoiced.  FedEx Reporting Online is available for all U.S. and International FedEx Express and FedEx Ground shipments for U.S.-based accounts.
The features of FedEx Reporting Online are briefly described below:
Requesting a Report
Standard Reports
You can request different types of standards reports for your FedEx shipments.  Standard reports provide various details about your shipments to help you manage your business or shipments better.  Standard reports can be viewed online in summary format or downloaded in both summary and detailed formats.  Reports can be run as a one-time request or scheduled to run weekly or monthly.  To view a list of available standard reports and their descriptions, please refer to the Report Descriptions page in Quick Help.
Schedule Reports
You can schedule a weekly or monthly report for any of your standard reports.  If you have opted to received report status e-mail notifications, an e-mail will be sent to you whenever your report is ready for download.  Scheduled reports are usually ready within 3 days after the end of a week (for weekly scheduled reports) or within 5 days after the end of the month (for monthly scheduled reports).  You can also view a list of all of your scheduled reports through the Scheduled Reports screen.
Download Reports
You can download your reports in CSV or Microsoft Excel formats.  You have the option of either downloading your reports in Summary format or in both Summary and Detail formats.  Summary format provides you with a consolidated summary view of your shipment report.  Detailed format provides you with a detailed account view of your shipment report. 
Report Status
You can view the status for all of the reports you request, both for one-time and scheduled reports.  When your report is ready, a link will be provided so you can download your report.  If you have opted to receive report status e-mail notifications, an e-mail will be sent to you as soon as your report is ready for viewing.
Schedule Reports Calendar
You can view and download your scheduled reports through a monthly calendar.  The calendar months provided are: current month, previous month and next month.  When schedule reports are ready for download, links will be provided on this calendar so you can download your reports.  The Schedule Reports Calendar page can be accessed through a link found at the the top of either the Reports Status page or the Scheduled Reports page.
My Account Groups
If you have more than one shipping account number with FedEx, you can create your own customized account groups for ease of reporting.  You can easily run standard reports based on your customized account groups once they have been created.
You can invite other employees within your company to share your FedEx shipping accounts for reporting purposes.  To do so, you must be the administrator for your FedEx shipping accounts.  Invited users can run the same standard reports on the accounts that you share with them.  You can also share your customized account groups (see My Account Groups) with your invited users for reporting purposes.  Invited users will not have any administrative privileges over your accounts.  Once you have invited users to share your accounts, you can view a list of all of your invited users at any time.  FedEx Reporting Online also provides you with the capability to edit or delete the access rights of those invited users.
Standard FedEx Accounts
 You can register or set up your additional 9-digit FedEx shipping accounts for reporting purposes.
E-mail Preferences
Select this option to receive report status e-mail notifications for your report requests.
Change Administrator
If you no longer wish to be the administrator for any of your FedEx shipping accounts for reporting purposes, you can assign one of your existing invited users to become the new administrator for one or all of your FedEx shipping accounts.  After you have relinquished or transferred administrator privileges on any of your FedEx shipping accounts, your status by default will revert to that of an invited user for those accounts.
To learn more about these features, please review the FedEx Reporting Online Demo.
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