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Product/Commodity Information
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If you are sending an international nondocument shipment, you must complete the following information for each product/commodity in your shipment. You can include up to 20 commodities in 1 shipment. Based on the information you enter, FedEx Ship Manager at prepares a Commercial Invoice for your shipment. For more information on international shipping, go to the FedEx ® Global Trade Manager website (

  1. Click Here to see a list of prohibited commodities for this country—Select Click Here to display a current list of prohibited commodities for the recipient’s country.

  2. Define each product to include in your shipment—If you previously created a product profile, select the appropriate product profile from the drop-down menu. Enter any additional information for each product/commodity including product/commodity description (for customs), country of manufacture (e.g., United States), quantity, units of measure, weight, and value are both specified (as totals or per unit), weight, and value for customs.

  3. Additional commodity information—Enter any additional commodity information, including harmonized code. To get help in finding a harmonized code, click Find code. Enter the export license number and expiration date as required.

  4. Save/Update product profile as—To create or update this product's profile, select Save/Update product profile as. After you have entered the product/commodity information, click Add this product to shipment. The product/commodity information is saved and displays in the Product/commodity summary on the right side of the screen. Repeat this process for each type of product/commodity in the shipment.

  5. Product/commodity summary—This section displays product/commodity information for up to 20 products/commodities. To edit any of the product/commodity information, select a product/commodity and click Edit product. When the left side of the screens becomes active again, make your changes and click Add this product to shipment. Your changes are saved and display in the Product/commodity summary on the right side of the screen. To delete a product/commodity description, select the product/commodity and click Delete product. The total carriage value (in U.S. dollars) and total weight display information previously entered on the Ship screen. If you need to change either of these entries, you can modify them here and not have to return to the Ship screen.

  6. Before you continue—Select Shipment purpose from the drop-down menu. If your shipment contents require a Shipper's Export Declaration (SED)/Electronic Export Information (EEI), a U.S. Department of Commerce Export License, or an ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) exemption, click Yes. If you want to generate a commercial invoice or a Pro Forma Invoice for this shipment, select the designated checkbox. To continue, click Continue to display the appropriate documentation screen.

    The Shipper's Export Declaration (SED)/Electronic Export Information (EEI) is used for compiling the official U.S. export statistics by the U.S. Bureau of the Census for export control purposes. It is required for certain export shipments from the U.S., Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands. Please retain a copy for 5 years.

  7. Continue—If you have completed all of your required information, click Continue. The Customs screen displays. (See Customs Information for detailed information.)
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