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Fast Ship Profiles
Fast Ship profiles are a quick and easy way to ship the same package repeatedly to the same recipient. The Fast Ship profiles list displays all applicable shipping information for a Fast Ship recipient including package type, service, weight, and declared value.

When you select a Fast Ship profile for an international shipment containing products/commodities, you will be taken to the Products screen to complete the additional required information.

You can create a Fast Ship Profile in any of the following ways:

  • On the main shipping screen, click the Add to my Fast Ship profiles checkbox after entering information about a shipment.
  • On the main address book screen, click on the checkbox beside the names of one or more recipients. Then in the Add to pull-down list, select Fast Ship Profiles.
  • Click on the Fast Ship tab at the top of any screen, then click Create new profile at the bottom of the screen.

On the Fast Ship Profiles screen, you can perform any of the following steps:

  1. To display and review the address and shipping details for a profile, select a profile and click Review shipment. After reviewing a shipment, you can create a shipment directly from the Review Fast Ship screen by clicking Ship.
  2. To edit the information for a profile, select a profile and click Edit.
  3. To delete a profile, select a profile and click Delete. You are asked to confirm your decision before the profile is removed.
  4. To ship to a recipient, select a profile name from the list and click Ship. The Shipping details screen appears with your recipient's name, address, and default shipping information automatically entered.
  5. To create a new Fast Ship Profile, click Create new profile at the bottom of the screen. The Fast Ship Profile setup screen displays. The entries required are the same as those needed to create a new shipment. When the new profile is completed, click Save/Update to add it to your list of Fast Ship Profiles.

Note: Fast Ship Profiles cannot be used for Future Day Shipping, FedEx Home Delivery® Date Certain, Saturday Pickup, Saturday Delivery, Sunday Delivery, or Express Freight shipments. Fast Ship Profiles can only be created for individual recipients, and not for groups.
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