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From the Track/History screen you can track shipments, review the status of your recent shipments, view detailed information about your shipments, process pending shipments created earlier, reprint a shipping label or commercial invoice, and perform a variety of other tracking-related functions.
The Track/History screen displays information about your shipments based on criteria you select.

  1. Make a selection from the Display shipments for past pull-down list to set how much shipping history to display. FedEx Ship Manager stores shipping data back 45 days.
  2. You can select how you want your shipment information sorted by making a selection from the Sort history by pull-down list. You can also click on the header above any column of ship history data to sort the shipments by that criteria. Clicking on the header once sorts the data in ascending order, and clicking twice sorts in descending order.

The checkboxes in the left-hand column of the table allow you to select one or more shipments on which to take a particular action. This is explained in more detail below.

Track Shipments

You can track shipments 3 ways on the Track/History screen.

  1. Select a shipment from the list of recent shipments by clicking on the checkbox beside it. Then click Track shipment. A popup box displays with all of the available tracking information. If a recipient signature is available, the signature is displayed. You can print the information, or email it with a message of your own to up to 3 email addresses.
  2. You can track up to 30 shipments in the Track another shipment portion of the screen. You can track not only by the FedEx tracking number and the Door Tag number, but also by various other reference fields available for a shipment. Shipments tracked by tracking number, Door Tag number, or reference field do not have to have been created by FedEx Ship Manager.
  3. In the Additional tracking options area, you can specify a date range of shipments to track (back 45 days). You can also track shipments only for a particular recipient, or track exceptions only.

View Shipment Details

To view the details for a particular shipment, click the checkbox beside the shipment in the list. Then click View shipment details. If available, the details for that shipment display on the Shipment details screen. From the Shipment details screen, you can print the information displayed, or track the shipment.

Cancel Shipments

When you create a shipment with FedEx Ship Manager but don't send it, you can cancel the shipment online until midnight of the actual ship date (U.S. and Canada). After that time, you can call your local FedEx Customer Service to cancel an unused shipment. (In the U.S. and Canada, call 1-800-Go FedEx.)

To cancel a shipment from the Track/History screen, click the checkbox beside the shipment in the list, then click Cancel. A Package cancellation report displays to confirm that the shipment was cancelled.

Download Shipment Information

You can download your past 45 days of shipping history into a comma-separated value (.csv) file on your computer. That file can then be imported into Microsoft ® Excel and other programs that accept the .csv format.

To download your ship history, click Download, and then follow the instructions for saving the file.

Copy to Fast Ship Profiles

You can copy the information about any shipment in your ship history to Fast Ship profiles by first selecting the shipment from the list, and then clicking Copy to Fast Ship profiles.

Fast Ship profiles are a quick and easy way to ship the same package repeatedly to the same recipient.


You can reprint a shipping label or Commercial Invoice/Pro Forma Invoice for a FedEx Express Shipment when the originals are not available. You can reprint these documents by first selecting the shipment from the list, and then clicking Reprint. These documents can be reprinted for up to 12 hours from the time that the shipment was processed.

Note: The Reprint label should only be used when the original label is not available. Use of this label for shipping additional shipments is fraudulent and could result in additional billing charges, along with the cancellation of your FedEx account number. This feature is not currently available for FedEx Ground shipments.

FedEx Ground End of Day Close (U.S. and Canada Only)

Transmit your shipping data and print a manifest: At the end of each shipping day, you should perform the FedEx Ground End of Day Close procedure to transmit your shipping data to FedEx. To do so, click on the Ground end of day close button. If required, print the pickup Manifest that appears. A printed Manifest is required to be tendered along with your packages if they are being picked up by FedEx Ground. If you are dropping your packages off at a FedEx dropoff location, the Manifest is not required.

The FedEx Ground Manifest report can be printed or reprinted at any time immediately after the End of Day Close or at a later time if there has been more than one close for the day. The Manifest report will include all FedEx Ground shipments generated over the last 24 hours. It is necessary to print off a complete copy of the Manifest Report in order for the FedEx Ground agent to pick up the FedEx Ground shipments.

You can print an additional copy of the manifest log by clicking Print additional manifest at the bottom of the screen.

If you would like to be reminded to print your FedEx Ground Manifest, select Remind me to print Ground Manifest on the Preferences screen.

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