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Company Information
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The Company profile screen contains basic customer company information and contact information. By default, the first user created during the Shipping Administration setup process will be the contact name designated in the company profile. The Select contact drop-down menu also contains the names of all of the company administrators. These users are assigned full administrative privileges.

To create a new company profile, click Sign Up Now on the FedEx Ship Manager at login screen and follow instructions.

  1. Company information—Enter the appropriate information for each field, especially the following fields:

    • Company name—The company name provided during the Shipping Administration setup auto-populates the Company name field.

    • Contact name—The Contact name is the person that is assigned administrative privileges and will be responsible for managing the administrative functions for a group of users within a particular department or company. There can be multiple users assigned administrative privileges for Shipping Administration, but the contact name entered in the Company profile screen is the administrator chosen during the initial Shipping Administration setup.

    • Email—The Email ID is the administrator email that was created during the initial Shipping Administration setup. The administrator email address in the Company profile screen is the email ID that users are directed to if they click Contact Your Administrator on designated FedEx Ship Manager at screens. This can be updated at any time by selecting another administrator from the Select contact drop-down menu. When you select another contact, the contact name, telephone number, and email automatically change.

  2. Save/Update—Click Save/Update to save all of your changes.

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