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After you have processed your shipment and the label displays, click Go to next steps to display the Next Steps screen. This screen allows you to continue to ship, review what's new, access other FedEx options, and get help with international shipping.

  1. Continue shipping—You can access several shipping options by clicking Print shipment record, Process another shipment, Cancel shipment, Repeat last shipment, or Edit last shipment.

    Note: The Finished shipping FedEx Ground for the day? section displays only if you shipped a package using FedEx Ground service. To close all FedEx Ground shipping transactions for the current day and print a FedEx Ground manifest, click Ground end of day close. Give this manifest to FedEx along with your FedEx Ground packages at the end of the day.

  2. What's new—Click this section to access the latest features for FedEx Ship Manager at

    Note: The International shipping section displays only if you shipped a package using FedEx International service. Select Access documents and advisories to get help finding and printing the document required for your shipment. Select Estimate duties and taxes to get help estimating the tariffs, duties, and taxes associated with your shipment.

  3. Go to other FedEx options—You can access several FedEx options by clicking Schedule a pickup, Find a FedEx location, Order supplies, Go to My FedEx (to view all of your FedEx account and shipment information), or Go to FedEx® Global Trade Manager (to view Shipper's Export Declaration [SED]/Electronic Export Information [EEI] and U.S. Customs Automated Export System [AES] information).

  4. Log out and Home Buttons—Click Log out to log out of your current session and return to the FedEx Ship Manager at login screen. Click Home to return to

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