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Address Book Import and Export
You can import recipient addresses into your FedEx Ship Manager address book from other sources, or export addresses from your address book for use with other programs or for backup purposes. Your Address Book can hold up to 2,000 records. You can import any number of new addresses until your Address Book reaches that limit.

Import Addresses

An existing address book can be imported from other FedEx shipping products, as well as from some outside sources such as Microsoft® Outlook 97 and Palm Desktop. Before importing an address book from another source, you must first use the other product's export feature to create a file of address information. Before starting to import the address book into FedEx Ship Manager, make sure you take note of the import file's name and location on your computer.
Follow these steps to import new addresses into your address book:
  1. Click the Address Book tab at the top of any screen.
  2. In the secondary navigation bar on the Address Book screen, click Import. The Import address/sender profiles screen displays.
  3. Click the Address Book radio button to indicate that you want to import to the address book.
  4. Provide the name of the file to import, including its location (directory path) on your computer. Click the Browse button, if necessary, to locate the correct file.
  5. Select the file type from the pull-down list. It is important that you specify the correct import file type so the imported information will be placed in the proper fields in the address book records. Selecting the incorrect file type can result in the imported addresses being unusable. Note: If you are importing an address book from another FedEx Ship Manager account, select the address book file type from the pull-down list.
  6. Select an Import option to either replace your existing address book with the addresses you are importing, or add the new addresses to your existing address book. Note: Replacing your existing address book is irreversible.
  7. Click Import to start the import process. During an import, if your address book reaches the 2,000 limit, additional addresses in the import file are ignored. If the file you are importing from contains incomplete addresses, you can still import them into your address book. However, before using an incomplete address from your address book to create a shipment, you will have to edit it to make sure that information is supplied for all the required fields.
  8. After the import process is finished, you can view an import report that shows all problems encountered with the imported addresses. From the Incomplete addresses/sender information screen, you can view the addresses with discrepancies, and if possible, make corrections.

Export Addresses

You can export all or some of the addresses in your FedEx Ship Manager address book to a file that you can save on your computer, and use either as a backup or for import to another product. Addresses are exported into a comma-separated value (.csv) format, which can be opened with Microsoft® Excel and various other programs that accept .csv files.
Follow these steps to export your address book:

  1. Click the Address Book tab at the top of any screen.
  2. If you want to export your entire address book, don't check any of the checkboxes in the left-hand column of the address book table. If you want to export only selected addresses from the table, click the checkbox to the left of each address you want to export.
  3. When you click Export, the Export addresses screen displays. This screen indicates that you are either exporting your entire address book, or displays the addresses selected for export.
  4. Click Export, and then indicate the location on your system where you want the export file to be saved. You can change the name of the exported file, or accept the default name for the file.
  5. A confirmation screen indicates that the export process was successful.
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