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Shipment Options
The Additional shipment options screen allows you to select special shipping services, make shipment pickup or dropoff arrangements, and take advantage of FedEx InSight ®. The options available on the Additional shipment options screen will vary depending on the services and selections you made on the Ship screen.
You can designate whether you want the Additional shipment options screen to display each time you create a shipment by checking the Always go to additional shipment options page checkbox on the Preferences screen.

You can also go to the Additional shipment options screen only when you need to by clicking Go to options on the Ship screen. Required information on the main shipping screen must be provided before the Additional shipment options screen will display.

The steps below describe how to select the options you need on the Additional shipment options screen. There are no required entries on this screen, so you can select only the options you need.

  1. Complete the Special services section. Select the services required for your shipment. In some cases, you will be required to enter more information to complete the selection of a special service.
  2. Complete the FedEx Delivery Signature Options section by choosing the signature type from the Select signature type drop-down menu. You may choose from the following types:
    • Deliver without signature. This signature type is the default for FedEx residential deliveries and authorizes FedEx to leave your shipment in the event the recipient is not available to sign for it. When you select this option, you waive your right to hold FedEx responsible for any resulting claims. (Not available for FedEx Express Freight.)
    • Indirect signature required. FedEx obtains a signature from any person at the delivery address or from any person at a neighboring address. The recipient can also leave a signed FedEx door tag authorizing release of the package without anyone present. Available to residential addresses only. To access this Signature option, you must check This is a residential address on the main Ship screen. (U.S. and Canada Only)
    • Direct signature required. FedEx obtains a signature from any person at the delivery address and reattempts delivery if no one is available to sign for the package.
    • Adult signature required. FedEx obtains a signature from any person at the delivery address who is at least 21 years old and who has government-issued photo identification as proof of age. FedEx reattempts delivery if no one is available to sign for the package.
  3. Complete the Shipping options section by selecting a pickup or dropoff option.
  4. Complete the FedEx Express reference information section as needed. Note that if you entered information into the Your reference field on the main shipping screen, that same information displays in the Your reference field in this section.
  5. To manage shipment details, complete the FedEx InSight® section. Click Edit to describe your Shipment contents.
  6. Click Continue to proceed with the processing of your package.
    • Depending on your shipment type and the selection you have made, additional information screens might display.
    • If you have set your preferences to show a shipment confirmation, a popup showing the details of the shipment displays.
    • If the shipment confirmation preference is not set and no additional information is required, the shipping label displays.
  7. At any time, use the buttons at the bottom of the screen as follows:
    • Click Clear fields to clear the text in the fields.
    • Click Get courtesy rate to find out the shipping costs before you ship your package. Your quote is based on rates associated with your FedEx account number and includes any applicable discounts.
    • Click Back to return to the Ship screen.

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