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Address Book
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FedEx can store up to 2,000 addresses for you, saving you from having to reenter recipient information and shipping preferences. Using the Address Book, you can perform the following tasks for individual recipients or groups:

  • Display specific entries, complete a search, sort the entries, and move through the Address Book list

  • Ship to a recipient

  • Add, modify, duplicate, delete, or check an address

  • Import or export address books

  • Customize your Address Book

  1. Navigation Buttons—You can navigate through the Address Book by clicking on any of the following buttons:
    • Main—Allows you to search for a specific recipient in your Address Book by keywords. See the steps below for more information.

    • Groups—Allows you to add or update group information in your Address Book.

    • Sender Information—Allows you to store up to 20 sender addresses within FedEx.

  2. Search by keyword—Enter a keyword based on the recipient's first or last name, recipient ID, company, or city, state, or zip code. Select the keyword description (e.g., Contact name, Recipient ID) from the drop-down menu and click Search. Your selection is highlighted in the Address Book list.

  3. Sort by—Select an option (e.g., Contact name, Recipient ID) from the drop-down menu and click Sort. The selected option displays as a column in the Address Book list.

  4. Address Book List—You can display all of the entries by clicking All or display a specific entry by clicking the checkbox next to it. You can also display entries for a specific letter by clicking that letter. To display only groups, click Groups. To move through the Address Book list, click on the page numbers displayed below the Address Book list.

  5. Task Buttons—You can perform several tasks by clicking Edit, Duplicate, Delete, or Check address.

  6. Ship—To ship to a recipient in your Address Book, select the recipient and click Ship. The Ship screen displays with your recipient's name, address, and default shipping information automatically completed.

  7. Bottom-left Buttons
    • Click Create new address to add a new recipient address.

    • Click Customize to define how you want your Address Book to appear, including column layout, number of entries per page, and confirmation message options.

    • Click Export to export addresses from your Address Book by selecting specific recipients or all of the recipients (records).

    • Click Import to import an existing address book from an accepted format.

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