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Admin Home
When you log into FedEx Ship Manager ® at as an administrator, the Welcome to Shipping Administration screen displays and serves as the central point for all Shipping Administration administrative tasks. You can always return to the Welcome to Shipping Administration screen by clicking Admin Home on the secondary navigation bar.
The key administrative tasks can be accessed using the secondary navigation options under the Admin tab:

  • Department Administration (Departments)
  • User Administration (Users)
  • Reference Administration (References)
  • Administrative Reporting (Admin Reports)
  • Company Profile (Company Info)

Please refer to the help outlined on these screens for more details.

From the Welcome to Shipping Administration screen, you can quickly access some of the most frequent administrative tasks. The following sections are available on this screen:

  • Users—Create new user, Update user, and View by department.
  • Departments—Add department and Update department.
  • Shipping Administration bulletin board—FedEx message board for Shipping Administrators, which describes general information (e.g., features, important notes).


Select Invite user to add a new user to Shipping Administration.

Select Create user to immediately enable a user to Shipping Administration.

To update a user directly, enter the user ID of the user you would like to view or update and click Go.

To update a user by selecting from a list of users in the department they belong to, go to the View by dept section and select the department from the drop-down menu. A list of users in that department displays. From here you can select the user ID from the list to update.


Select Add department to add a new department to Shipping Administration.
To update an existing department, go to the Update dept section and select the department ID from the drop-down menu. The department profile displays, where it can be viewed or updated.

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