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Company Profile
The company profile contains all of the basic customer company information, which includes the company name, contact name, telephone number, and email ID of the company administrator. By default, the first user created during the Shipping Administration setup process will be the contact name designated in the company profile. The Select contact drop-down menu also contains the names of all of the company administrators. These users are assigned full administrative privileges. To add or update basic contact information, follow these steps:

  1. Select a contact name from the Select contact drop-down menu. The Contact name, Telephone, and Email fields display information from the contact’s user profile. The Contact name is the administrator who is the main company contact. The Email ID is used as the administrator contact when users select Contact your administrator on designated FedEx Ship Manager at screens.
  2. In the Company name field, enter the name of the company to which this contact is assigned.
  3. If the administrator’s access is being denied (e.g., user is being removed from Shipping Administration, administrator privileges are being revoked) and his email address is associated with the company profile, you must change the contact name in the company profile before performing this step. The affected administrator receives a message regarding this change.
  4. To cancel this information at any time, click Cancel.
  5. To save this company information, click Save/Update.

To create a new company profile, follow these steps:

  1. On the FedEx Ship Manager at login screen, click Sign Up Now. The Contact info screen displays.
  2. Enter your information into the appropriate sections. (Required fields are in bold.) To create a new company profile, enter a new company name in the Company field in the Your Contact Information section.
  3. Click I Accept. The Account info screen displays.
  4. Enter the appropriate account number in the Enter a nine-digit FedEx account number field. If you enter a FedEx account number that is already registered with Shipping Administration, you cannot register that account number. Contact your Shipping Administrator for an invitation to use that account number.
  5. Enter the appropriate account nickname in the Nickname this account (optional) field.
  6. Click Continue. The Confirmation screen displays. In the Need to administer shippers in your Company area, click register. The Account info screen displays. Note: Do not click Start Using FedEx Ship Manager. This displays the Ship screen within FedEx Ship Manager at and will not allow you to register as a Shipping Administrator.
  7. Confirm that the new company name displays in the Enter Company Name field and the account nickname displays in the Nickname this account field.
  8. Click Continue. The Confirmation screen displays.
  9. Click Set up New user group. The Welcome to Shipping Administration screen displays.

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