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International Shipper's Export Declaration (SED) / Electronic Export Information (EEI) Filing (U.S. Only)
Your shipment may require a Shipper's Export Declaration (SED) / Electronic Export Information (EEI) if the Declared value for Customs is greater than US $2,500. This document is used for compiling the official U.S. export statistics by the U.S. Bureau of the Census and for export control purposes. It is required for certain export shipments from the U.S., Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands when a shipment contains any single commodity that is valued greater than US $2,500, that requires an export license or permit, or is subject to International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). Customers must ensure SED/EEI authorization by filing with the U.S. Government's Automated Export System (AES) using the link on the SED/EEI screen in FedEx Ship Manager ® at, OR let FedEx file for you using the FedEx Export AgentFile SM through FedEx ® Global Trade Manager.

FedEx Ship Manager ® does not automatically perform currency conversions.

  1. If your shipment contents require an SED/EEI, select Yes in the Before you continue section of the Product/commodities screen. Complete the SED/EEI information and select one of the following filing options:
    • SED/EEI Required: I want to file using AES. Use this option if you want to file your SED/EEI now using the AESWeblink. To do this, you should have already registered with AESDirect and know your login name and password.
    • SED/EEI Required: I want FedEx to file my SED/EEI as my agent. Use this option if you would like FedEx to act as your authorized agent and file your SED/EEI for you.
    • SED/EEI Required: I have already filed an SED/EEI or will file Post Departure. If you are responsible for electronically filing the SED/EEI, enter the AES Citation Type.
  2. If you select No in the Before you continue section on the Products/commodities screen and your shipment's Declared value is greater than US $2,500, you are able to select an FTR exemption or still provide an AES Citation Type. The SED/EEI information screen displays the following FTR exemption option:
    • No SED/EEI required. Use this option if your shipment does not require an SED/EEI based on an FTR (Foreign Trade Regulations) exemption. If the shipment does not require an SED/EEI based on an FTR exemption, click the FTR option and select the citation that exempts you from SED/EEI filing from the drop-down menu. For a list and explanations of exemption citations, click the FTR link.
  3. At any time, use the buttons at the bottom of the screen to complete the following tasks:
    • To clear the text in the fields, click Clear fields.
    • To return to the Ship screen, click Back.
  4. When you have specified the SED details, click Continue.

For electronic self-filing information/registration/instructions, please refer to the U.S Census Bureau site at For additional information on how FedEx can help you file your SED/EEIs by acting as an authorized agent on your behalf, please refer to the FedEx SED/EEI tutorial at

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