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You can view your shipment history for up to 45 days by Ship date, Recipient, Destination, Tracking number, or other sort options. You can also track another shipment and perform the FedEx Ground end-of-day close (U.S. and Canada only).

  1. Shipping history—This list contains the shipments you have processed using FedEx Ship Manager at in the past 45 days. The list contains several sort options, including Ship date, Company, Recipient, Destination and Tracking number. You can view up to 5 options at one time.
  2. Display shipments for past—Select the number of days (up to 45) from the drop-down menu. The default is 5 days.
  3. Sort history by—Select an option (e.g., Ship date) from the drop-down menu and click Sort. The selected option displays as a column in the Shipping history list. You can sort the column headers by clicking on them.
  4. Task Buttons—You can perform several tasks by clicking Copy to Fast Ship profiles, Cancel shipment, Download, Track shipment, View shipment details, or Reprint.
  5. Track another shipment—Complete this section to track another FedEx Express or FedEx Ground shipment. Select the type of number from the Track by drop-down menu and type the specific number in the space provided. Click Track to track the shipment.
  6. Additional tracking options—You can track shipments sent within a certain range of time or sent to a particular recipient over a period of time. You can also track exceptions for shipments sent within a certain range of time, or track exceptions for shipments sent to a particular recipient over a period of time. Select the start date from the Start drop-down menu and the end date from the End drop-down menu. To track shipments by a recipient, select Track by recipient and click Select recipient to choose the recipient. To track shipments by exceptions only, select Track exceptions only. Click Track to track those specific shipments.
  7. Finished shipping FedEx Ground for the day? (U.S. and Canada only)—To close all FedEx Ground shipping transactions for the current day and print a FedEx Ground manifest, click Ground end of day close. Give this manifest to FedEx along with your FedEx Ground packages at the end of the day. To print an additional FedEx Ground manifest, click Print additional manifest.
  8. Log out and Home Buttons—Click Log out to log out of your current session and return to the FedEx Ship Manager at login screen. Click Home to return to
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