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Customs Information
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In addition to completing product/commodity information, you must also complete customs information.

  1. Shipment information—Enter the recipient's tax ID (e.g., Social Security Number, Employer Identification Number).

  2. Terms of sale and charges—Select an entry from the Terms of sale and charges drop-down menu. Enter the appropriate freight charge, insurance charge, and additional charge.

  3. Commercial Invoice Information—Select Create Pro Forma Invoice instead of Commercial Invoice to generate a Pro Forma Invoice. Select Create a Certificate of Origin to generate a certificate. If the shipper and recipient are related, select The shipper and recipient are related parties. If the recipient is not the Importer of Record, select Recipient is not the Importer or record (or click Edit) and complete the required information. Enter any additional comments in the Comment areas.

    Note: For shipments between the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico, select Include NAFTA Statement on Commercial Invoice or Pro Forma Invoice if you need to generate a NAFTA statement for the Commercial Invoice.

  4. The following Customs documentation will be generated for this shipment—This summarizes what documents FedEx Ship Manager at will generate. The Commercial Invoice or Pro Forma Invoice is required if you need an official transaction record between an exporter and importer for customs to clear shipments.

  5. Continue—If you have completed all of your required information and want to display/print the bar code label, click Continue to print the label. Attach it to your shipment.
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