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  1. Special services—Select the services required for your shipment. If you are shipping FedEx Express services, you can choose special delivery options that are available for your shipment. If you are shipping FedEx Ground, FedEx Home Delivery, or FedEx Express Freight, the Options screen displays unique Special services for each shipping service. Click Edit on designated fields to enter more information as required.

  2. FedEx® Delivery Signature Options—Complete the FedEx Delivery Signature Options section by choosing the signature type from the Select signature type drop-down menu. You may choose from the following types:

  3. Shipping Options---Select a pickup or drop-off option. Click Find location to find the nearest FedEx drop-off location or Schedule pickup to schedule a FedEx pickup.

  4. FedEx Express reference information—Complete this section as needed. (For FedEx Ground and FedEx Home Delivery shipments, the section title changes to FedEx Ground reference information.) Note that if you entered information into the Your reference field on the main shipping screen, that same information displays in the Your reference field in this section.

  5. FedEx Insight®To manage shipment details, select Block shipment data to prohibit your recipient and third-party payers from viewing information about your shipment. Select Shipment contents to allow detailed shipment information (e.g., part number, quantity, description) to be visible for FedEx InSight customers only. Click Edit to describe your shipment contents.

  6. Continue—If you have completed all of your required information and want to display/print the bar code label, click Continue to print the label. Attach it to your shipment.

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