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Getting Started with Shipping Administration
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When you log into FedEx Ship Manager ® at as an administrator, the Welcome to Shipping Administration screen displays. Follow these steps to start using Shipping Administration:

  • Add one or more departments and set service and reference options for each department.

  • Update your Company Profile for additional configuration options.

  • Add Shipping Administration users to departments and assign users to FedEx account numbers.

  • Send an invitation to each user, who then creates a login ID and password to log in for shipping.

To help you navigate through this section, click on the following links:

Shipping Administration Login

  1. Go to and click on the Ship tab. The FedEx Ship Manager at login screen displays.

  2. Enter both the User ID and Password in the blank fields and click Login. The FedEx Ship Manager Ship screen displays for most users. However, if a user has been assigned administrative privileges, the Shipping Administrator screens automatically display.

    Note: All login information, including the user ID and password, is case-sensitive.

Change Password

If a Shipping Administration user forgets his or her password, they can get assistance via email by clicking on the Forgot your password? link on the login page and following the instructions.

Remember my user ID on this computer

When you select this option, your user ID and password are saved, so that you do not have to reenter this information when you return to the FedEx Ship Manager at login screen.

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