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After you complete your shipment, print your label, and print other necessary shipping documents, the Next Steps screen displays. From this screen you can perform additional shipping operations, perform a Ground end of day close if you have created FedEx Ground shipments that day (U.S. and Canada only), or select from several other shipping related options.

  1. These options are available in the Continue shipping section:
    • Click Print shipment record to display a printable record of the shipment you just completed.
    • Click Process another shipment to return to the main shipping screen and begin a new shipment.
    • Click Cancel shipment to cancel the shipment you just completed.
    • Click Repeat last shipment to return to the shipping screen and display the same entries you made for the previous shipment. You can duplicate the previous shipment, or make changes as necessary for the new shipment.
    • Click Edit last shipment to return to the shipping screen and display the same entries you made for the previous shipment. In this instance, when you make changes, you are changing the shipment you just completed instead of creating a new shipment. If you do this, print a new shipping label and throw away the previous one you printed.
  2. If you have created one or more FedEx Ground shipments during the day (U.S. and Canada only), the Next Steps screen displays a section that allows you to perform your Ground end of day close function. This function is also available on the Track/History screen. You only need to perform the Ground end of day close once at the end of your shipping day, and you can perform it on either screen.
  3. In the International shipping section, you can get assistance with your international shipment documents. Based on the shipment details provided, a list of documents which may be required will display. You can view and/or print your selections. If you don't know the required documents, click Get help determining the correct documents for your shipments. In addition, you can view important shipping advisories.
  4. If you need help estimating the tariffs, duties, and taxes for your international shipment, click Estimate duties and taxes.

The Go to other FedEx options section allows you to arrange for a pickup, locate a dropoff location, order shipping supplies online, manage your FedEx shipping information (U.S. and Canada only), or Go to FedEx Global Trade Manager for detailed international shipping support.

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