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Shipping Administration Tutorial
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Learn How to Perform Administrative Tasks with Shipping Administration
This tutorial guides you through the key features of Shipping Administration.

There are two ways to use the tutorial:
  • In order—Use the Next and Back buttons to move from topic to topic.
  • By topic—Use the navigation at the top to move through the tutorial by topic.

Redesign Features
Shipping Administration has been redesigned to make it easier for you to perform your administrative tasks.

Navigation Features
Navigation features of Shipping Administration include

  • Tabs—Tabs along the top (i.e., Ship, Track/History, Address Book, Preferences, Fast Ship, Reports, and Admin) allow you to navigate through the main sections of FedEx Ship Manager® at Click Admin to access the Welcome to Shipping Administration screen.
  • Secondary Navigation Bar—A secondary navigation bar (i.e., Admin Home, Departments, Users, References, Admin Reports, and Company Info) allows you to navigate within Shipping Administration.
  • Log out and Home Buttons—Click Log out to log out of your current session and return to the FedEx Ship Manager at login screen. Click Home to return to
  • Quick Help—Online Help is available on every screen and displays help specific to that screen. To access Online Help for your current screen, select Help with This Page on the Quick help drop-down menu.
  • Bottom Buttons—These buttons on the left and right side of specific screens allow you to take action on your current screen (e.g., Add, Update, Delete, Cancel).

Start the Tutorial

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