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Shipping preferences speed up shipping by automatically filling in information for your shipments, so there's less information to key. You can customize preferences at any time by accessing the Preferences screen (formerly Shipping Profile).

  1. Shipping Profile—Review this section, which includes your sender's name, address, and contact information.
  2. Customize your features—Select the appropriate options to set up your printer, scale, and label information. For the printer selection, the software defaults to Laser/inkjet Printer. If you are using a thermal printer, select Thermal Printer and click Set up thermal printing to set up your printer. If you are using your own scale, click the Use scale checkbox. Scale and thermal printer features are not available for all countries.
  3. Customize your screens—Select any of these options as required. For example, select Always show shipment confirmation window if you want to see a summary of your shipment details before you generate a label.
  4. Pickup address—If your actual shipping address is different from your FedEx account number, click Change pickup address. Pickup is not available for all countries.
  5. Default shipping information—Complete this section by selecting the appropriate entries from the drop-down menus (e.g., Service type) or entering specific information.
  6. Shipment notification—Click the Always send shipment email notification checkbox or click Edit to access the Shipment screen. Enter the appropriate email addresses, select the notification language, select the notifications you want to send (Shipment, Exception, Delivery), select the format.
  7. Save/Update—After you have completed this screen, click Save/Update to save your changes.
  8. Clear fields—Click Clear fields to clear the text in the fields.
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