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FedEx Ship Manager® Schedule a Pickup

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Help Menu
Click the Help menu at the top of each page for FAQs, specific instructions, and additional information for the sections and processes you see on the screen.

Contact FedEx
Refer to FedEx Customer Support for ways to contact FedEx via email, mail, or phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I edit or hide sections of the screen?
  2. How do I create a Pickup request?

Edit and Hide

After selecting an account, the pickup screen will update to reflect your choice.
  • To open a closed section, click Edit at the top of the section.
  • To close an opened section, click Hide at the top of the section.

Create a Pickup Request

Complete the required information on the Schedule a Pickup screen and click Schedule pickup to submit your request.

All required fields are noted with an asterisk (*).

For detailed help with sections on this screen, scroll down, click the following links, or click the Help link at the top of each section:
  1. Account Details
  2. Pickup Address
  3. Pickup Information
  4. Shipment Details
  5. Confirmation

Account Details
Select your desired account number. To locate the appropriate account number:
  1. Sort By — choose to sort your account list by company name or account number. After marking the appropriate option, your drop–down menu will be sorted accordingly. Click on the arrow next to the drop–down menu to select an account.
  2. Predictive Typing — type characters directly into the account drop–down menu to narrow your search.

Add an Account
Add another FedEx account to the Select an Account drop down by clicking the Add an account link. For accounts with FedEx Ship Manager ® Shipping Administration access, you can add accounts via the Administration tab.

Select the appropriate payment type for your shipment:
  1. Shipper — select this option if you or your company is paying the shipping charges
  2. Consignee — select this option if the recipient will be paying the shipping charges
  3. Third Party — will be selected for you if a third party ('bill to') account is being used to pay pickup charges

Select the appropriate payment terms for your shipment:
  1. Prepaid — select this option for shipments paid for and shipped by you using the same account number
  2. Collect — select this option for shipments paid for by the recipient

Pickup Address
Based on the account and payment type selected in the Account details section, some pickup address information may automatically be filled out for you. In the remaining fields, use one of the following options to enter or select the shipper information.
  • Check the box labeled View contacts by account number to filter contacts so only the contacts associated with the selected account are displayed. Select the sender using the Company or Contact name drop–down menus.
  • Select a saved entry from your Address Book.
  • Enter all required information for a new shipper. Once all fields have been completed, check Add new pickup location to address book to retain shipping details for future shipments.

If making changes to an existing entry in your address book, check Save changes to existing address to address book to retain shipping details for future shipments.

This is a residence
  • Select this option to indicate that you are scheduling a pickup from a residence within the U.S. instead of a business address. A residential address is a home or private residence, even if a business is operated from the home.
  • FedEx will automatically check the residential address box if our records indicate the address is a residence. You may choose to deselect the box.
  • There is a charge for pickup from a residence. Please refer to the FedEx Service Guide at for more information on residential delivery surcharges.

Pickup Information
Complete all required fields:
  1. Pickup date — click the (symbol) to view a reference calendar.
  2. Ready time — this is the time your shipment will be available for pickup.
  3. Close time — this is the latest time the shipment will be available for pickup.
  4. Pickup contact
    1. Same as requested by — select this option if the pickup contact is the same as the profile on record for this account.
    2. Other contact — select this option to provide the appropriate contact on the dock. Enter all required fields for the pickup contact.
  5. Special services — let us know if any of the listed services are required for your shipment by checking each applicable option. Click the links on the Pickup page to learn more about the rules and additional charges for each service.
    1. Oversized/extreme length
    2. Food
    3. Freezable protection
    4. Do not stack
    5. Lift gate at pickup
    6. Poison
  6. Special instructions — use the space provided to provide pickup numbers and other special instructions relative to the shipment. For international shipments, be sure to enter the contact information for your Customs Broker.

Notify me that FedEx has received my pickup request — select this option to receive a notification that the pickup has been successfully scheduled. Enter the email address where the notification should be sent.

Shipment Details
Enter as much information as possible about your shipment. Required fields are noted with an asterisk(*).

Use the Add row and Delete row buttons to adjust the number of shipments included in your pickup request. Note: shipment details for each row must be complete before adding an additional row. To delete a row, the box to the left of the row that you would like to delete must be checked.
  • To country — indicate the destination country
  • To ZIP/postal code — indicate the destination ZIP or postal code
  • Service type — select either FedEx Freight® Priority or FedEx Freight® Economy
  • Handling Units — let us know the number of primary handling units in the total shipment, i.e. the number of pallets.
  • Weight — enter the total weight of the shipment
  • Packaging Type — from the drop–down menu select the packaging type that best describes your shipment.

A confirmation screen provides shipment highlights as well as a confirmation number that can be used as a reference when communicating with your Service Center.

From the bottom of the confirmation screen you can:
  • Schedule another pickup
  • Get a rate quote — click this button to transfer all of your pickup details to the FedEx Freight rate quote application
  • Create a Bill of Lading — click this button to transfer all of your pickup details to the Bill of Lading generator

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