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FedEx Ship Manager® Help
Shipping Administration - Company Information

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Contact FedEx
Refer to FedEx Customer Support for ways to contact FedEx via e-mail, mail, or phone.

Company Profile

The Company Profile, accessed by clicking the Company Info tab on the Shipping Administration screen, contains the basic company information (noted below).
  • By default, the first User created during the Shipping Administration setup process is the Contact Name designated in the company profile.
  • The Select Contact drop-down menu also contains the names of all of the company administrators. These Users are assigned full administrative privileges.
  • If you want to create a new company profile, click Sign Up Now on the FedEx Ship Manager login screen or sign up on the Login Registration screen.

Company Information

Company Name
This is the company name provided during the Shipping Administration setup.
Contact Name
  • The Contact Name is the company contact that is assigned Administrator privileges and is responsible for managing the administrative functions for a group of Users within the company or a particular Department.
  • There can be multiple Users assigned administrative privileges for Shipping Administration.
  • You may change the company contact by choosing another name from the Select Contact drop down menu.
Phone Number:
  • This is the telephone number entered during the initial Shipping Administration setup.
  • When you select another contact from the Select Contact drop-down menu, this information is updated based on the contact’s User Profile.
  • This is the e-mail provided during the initial Shipping Administration setup.
  • When Users select Contact Your Administrator on designated FedEx Ship Manager screens, this e-mail address is used as the Administrator contact.
  • When you select another contact from the Select Contact drop-down menu, this information is updated based on the contact’s User Profile.
Select Contact
  • This drop-down menu contains all company Users assigned full administrative privileges.
  • When you select another contact from the drop-down menu, the Company Information is updated based on the contact’s User Profile.
  • Note: If you remove an Administrator from Shipping Administration and revoke all Administrator privileges, you must change the Contact Name in the Company Profile before changing the company name. The affected Administrator will receive a message regarding this change.
Prevent Users from changing User IDs and Passwords
  • Selecting this checkbox will prevent Users from being able to change their user IDs and Passwords via the My Profile section located within FedEx Ship Manager at
Enable for FedEx SmartPost®
  • FedEx SmartPost Account no.: FedEx SmartPost customers can enter a FedEx SmartPost Account no. in the text box to get the FedEx SmartPost Account enabled for Shipping Administration.

Rename References

Rename reference field names
You can rename the reference fields names that display in the Billing Details section of the FedEx Ship Manager screen to something that better corresponds to your business. The option to rename the Reference field names can be accessed through the Company Information tab. You can enter up to 35 characters per field.

NOTE: The renaming of the Reference field names will not appear on any of your FedEx Invoices, Reports, Tracking details or on the shipping label.

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