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FedEx Ship Manager® Help
Shipping Administration - Defaults

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  • Click the Help menu at the top of each page to access the following tools:
  • Help with this page – Includes FAQs, specific instructions and additional information for the sections and processes you see on the screen.
  • Online Technical Support –Gives you the opportunity to Find Answers Online, chat online with a FedEx Technical Support Agent or Submit a Question.
  • Interactive Help Guide –Offers a demo, the ability to practice using our applications, assistance during actual transactions, a printable User Guide and “What’s New” information.

Contact FedEx

Refer to FedEx Customer Support for ways to contact FedEx via e-mail, mail, or phone.


  • Defaults allow a Shipping Administrator to set customized features and screen options, as well as set Shipping defaults for Departments and Users.

  • The Defaults configured correspond to available options on the Preferences screen in FedEx Ship Manager.
  • When a User is assigned to a Department, the Department Defaults display on the User Defaults screen.
  • To customize Defaults at the User level for greater flexibility and control, select Customize Privileges, References and Defaults in the User Settings section on the User Profile screen.

Set Department or User Defaults

  1. To access the Defaults screen for a User or Department, complete the Profile, Privileges, and References screens, then click Continue. The Defaults screen will display.
  2. Select the Department or User defaults.
  3. Click Save to return to the main Users or Departments screen, or Previous to go back to the previous screens.
    • Once you have been through the Profile, Privileges, References, and Defaults screens, click Next or Previous to navigate between them.
  4. If you need to discard the information added or edited on this screen, click Cancel.
  5. For detailed help with sections on this screen, you can scroll down, select the list of links below, or click Help at the top of each section.

Default Shipping Information

Service Type

  • Select a Default FedEx Shipping Service. Please see to the FedEx Service Guide at for detailed information on FedEx services and delivery commitments.

Package Type

  • Select a Default Package Type. Please review the FedEx Service Guide at for detailed information on FedEx packaging.

Unit of Measure

  • Select the unit of measure you use most often from the drop-down menu. These defaults are used to control measurements for Weight and Package Dimensions.


  • Please select a Default Currency.
  • The currency type is generally the same as the origin country.

Bill Transportation to/Account Number

  • Select a Billing Default.
  • Then enter the 9-digit FedEx Account Number to be billed.

Bill Duties/Taxes/Tees to/Account Number

  • Select a Billing Default for international shipment duties, taxes, and fees.
  • Then enter the 9-digit FedEx Account Number to be billed.


Please note that the Pickup/ Dropoff settings apply to FedEx Express® and FedEx Ground®Services only.

Select While Shipping

  • Please select this option to select the Pickup/ Drop-off option while creating shipment.

Will Use Scheduled Pickup at My Location

  • Please select this option to use pickup information from previous on-call pickup requests.
  • You can edit the pickup address and package details while creating a shipment.

Will Drop Off at FedEx Location

  • Select this option if you drop off your packages at a FedEx location.

Will Contact FedEx to Request a Pickup

  • Select this option to schedule pickups while creating shipment.

Customize Options

Please note that the Customize Options below apply to FedEx Express®, FedEx Ground® and FedEx Freight® LTL services.

Always Remind User to Print Pending Shipments

  • Select this option to display a reminder to alert the User to process pending shipments and print the labels.

Always Show Shipment Confirmation

  • Select this option to always show the Confirm your Shipment Details screen when the User clicks Ship to process a shipment.
Please note that the Customize Options below apply to FedEx Express and FedEx Ground Services only.

Display the Contact ID Field

Select this option to always display the Contact ID field while shipping.

Display Standard List Rates

Select this option to always display the list rate and the rate associated with your FedEx Account Number.

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