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FedEx Ship Manager® Help
FedEx Ship Manager® Shipping Administration

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Help Menu

  • Click the Help menu at the top of each page to access the following tools:
  • Help with this page – Includes FAQs, specific instructions and additional information for the sections and processes you see on the screen.
  • Online Technical Support –Gives you the opportunity to Find Answers Online, chat online with a FedEx Technical Support Agent or Submit a Question.
  • Interactive Help Guide –Offers a demo, the ability to practice using our applications, assistance during actual transactions, a printable User Guide and “What’s New” information.

Contact FedEx

Refer to FedEx Customer Support for ways to contact FedEx via e-mail, mail, or phone.

Admin Home

Welcome to Shipping Administration

The Shipping Administration feature allows a company to assign certain individuals who manage and control the shipping activities of the company’s various Users and Departments. Administrators can configure shipping options or restrict services, customize company reference information and run shipping reports. Note that the Users and Departments they administer may either be in the same location or dispersed geographically across multiple locations within a company.

Shipping Administrator Privileges

  • Management of all Users, Departments and References
  • Access to all FedEx Ship Manager shipping functionality
  • Access to Shipping Administration from the Admin tab on any FedEx Ship Manager screen
  • Ability to create and manage a Central Address Book that can be shared with Users
  • Ability to track company-wide shipments
  • Ability to create, edit and delete shipping Admin Reports by Department
  • Ability to manage and update Company Information

Shipping Administration User Privileges

  • Users without administrative privileges assigned to their User ID do not have access to any of the administrative functionality of Shipping Administration. Certain other features are only available to them if the Shipping Administrator has granted the privileges.
  • Users can view and manage their own personal shipping history for tracking and reporting, but cannot see the shipment activity for other Users in the company.

Getting started as a Shipping Administrator

  1. Click the Admin tab to display the Admin Home screen.
  2. Manage your users by creating, inviting, updating or viewing them in the Users section.
  3. Manage your departments by adding or updating them in the Departments section.
  4. For detailed help with these sections, continue reading on this page, or choose one of a the following specific topics. You may also use the Help link at the top of each section.


Create new user

Click Create new user to display a blank User Profile screen. Once you have finished entering the new user’s information, click Next to define User Privileges, User References and User Defaults.

Invite new user

Click invite new user to send an invitation to a new user. Users who accept the invitation create their own user ID and password to login to FedEx Ship Manager. They also create their own User Profile and select their User References and User Defaults. You, however, will pre-define their User Privileges. The invitation is good for 30 days.

Re-invite user

Click Re-invite user from the Users tab to resend the e-mail invitation to an already invited user if the user has not yet responded to the invitation.

Update user

Enter the user alias in the Update user text box, and click Go to display the User Profile screen. Click Next to update the User Privileges, User References and User Defaults.

View by dept

Select the Department from the View by dept drop-down menu, and click Go. The Users screen then comes up with all users assigned to that Department.


Add department

Click Add department to display a blank Department Profile screen. Once you complete this screen, click Next to define the Department Privileges, Department References and Department Defaults.

Update dept

Select an existing Department from the Update dept drop-down menu, and click Go to display the Department Profile screen. Click Next to update the Department Privileges, Department References and Department Defaults.


First, select a saved report from the drop-down menu. Choose a starting date and an end date, and then click on Create Report to view your report. Saved reports you’ve already created are in the Reports section.

Announcements from FedEx

Review the announcements from FedEx to learn about new features and updates as they are released.

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