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FedEx® Global Trade Manager
Manage Post Shipment Document Upload (PSDU)

Identifying and Selecting PSDU Shipment for Document Upload:

The Manage Post Shipment Document Upload (PSDU) page will list all current (today and for 10 days in future) PSDU eligible shipments for FedEx account numbers linked to your FedEx Common Login (FCL).
  • Select the View account drop down to see all FedEx account numbers linked to your FCL.
  • If the desired account number is not linked to FCL, click Add an Account link and complete FCL instructions.
Shipments dated up to 10 days prior to today will be listed in the history section. If you are searching for a previous shipment click View past shipments. You can toggle back to the current shipment by clicking the appropriate link.

Review Document Status icons displayed on the Manage Post-Shipment Upload page to identify shipments that need customs documents uploaded.
  • An icon with a green check mark indicates a shipment where all required documents have already been uploaded. Note: You may also want to upload some optional documents listed.
  • Hover over the Document status icon to see additional details on the documents needed.
    • You can click hyperlinked documents to see the details of the document uploaded.
Once you have identified a shipment that needs additional documents, select the shipment for upload by either:
  • Clicking the status icon for that shipment or
  • Selecting the radio button for that shipment and clicking Upload documents.

Uploading PSDU Documents:

After clicking the Upload Documents icon, “The Manage Documents for Tracking Number XXX” will be displayed.

All documents required for the shipment will be listed in the Document Status table.

Users can upload documents from either of the following sources:
  •  My computer/network
  • The Document Preparation Center
Note: To speed the upload process, the user should determine the source location for the documents required and upload all documents from each source together.

Select document type to be uploaded (note: multiple documents can be uploaded using the same document type name):
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Pro Forma Invoice
  • Certificate of Origin
  • NAFTA Certificate of Origin
  • Other
Browse and select document required.

Note: Selected file must meet PSDU file type and size (5MB or less) criteria.

Click Upload after each document. The Document Status table will be updated.

Repeat upload process for up to 10 documents in a “batch.”
  • Note: There is no limit to the number of “batches” you can upload per shipment.

Important: When all documents in a Batch have been uploaded, click Done.
  • System will process all documents in the batch and will return any appropriate advisories or error messages. Such as:

    • File size (>5MB) error
    • File format error (see Document Upload page for supported formats)
    • System errors

Correct error conditions and continue, and when all documents have been uploaded click Done.

The PSDU landing page will be displayed and you can continue by:
  • Selecting another shipment from the PSDU list
  • Closing the Manage Post Shipment Document browser page