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Harmonized Code Search

Use Harmonized Code Search to identify the proper harmonized code to associate with each commodity included in your shipment. Entering the correct harmonized code allows FedEx to help you determine the necessary customs documentation as well as make a more accurate duty and tax estimate. The Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System is an international standardized system developed and maintained by the World Customs Organization (WCO) to uniformly classify traded products.

Initiate a Search
To initiate a harmonized code search, first select the appropriate country of classification from the Country list. The country of classification is the country whose commodity descriptions and classification codes will be queried when the search is performed. To facilitate a more accurate duty and tax estimate, the country of classification should correspond to the destination country. Next, enter either a commodity name or a harmonized code into the Search For field. Select to Search by “All of these words” or “Any of these words” and then click Search.

Navigate Results
After you successfully initiate a harmonized code search, the results of your query will typically display in two columns. The left column contains a list of six-digit harmonized codes and the right column contains the corresponding high-level commodity description. To obtain a more precise classification result, find the description that most closely corresponds to your commodity and click the descriptive link. The display will refresh, where applicable, with a more granular view of the classification options available for the selected commodity. Drill down into the results until you have classified your commodity to the required level of detail.

Alternative Search
If the primary method for initiating a harmonized code search fails to result in an applicable match, an alternative search approach is available. Scroll to the bottom of the search results window associated with your commodity query and click the Search the Harmonized Tariff Book Directly link. Harmonized Code Search will perform a full-text search of the tariff book for the term and highlight any matches. The results, if any, can then be navigated in the same manner that primary search results can be navigated.