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Online Account Registration

Get online access

For help on opening an account, please refer to Customer Support for ways to contact FedEx via e-mail, post, or phone.

Contact Information

In order to get access to, the following information will need to be stored:
• First and last name
• E-mail address
• Shipping address
• Telephone number

Login Information
When you create your user ID and password, please adhere to the following:
• Both user ID and password are case sensitive
• User ID and password must both be at least six characters
• Password must start with a letter and contain at least one number or special character that is not the last character
• Please store your user ID and password in a safe place

For your protection, FedEx has developed the following security guidelines for your login:
• User ID and password must both be six characters or more

Valid user ID or password: abc2def
Invalid user ID or password: ab2cd
• Password must contain at least one number and one letter

Valid password: happy2day, happy2day2, happy2, 2happy, 12345a
Invalid password: sohappy, 123456
• User ID and password are case sensitive

You can create your user ID and password to be all lowercase or all uppercase or a mixture of uppercase and lowercase, but you must always type it in the same way.
For example, if you create your user ID as Happy2Day, then you must always type it in as Happy2Day with a capital H and capital D. The following would not be valid as your user ID: happy2day, HAPPY2DAY, Happy2day.
• Password can have no more than three occurrences of the same character in a row

Valid password: abc222a, aaa222a
Invalid password: abc2222a, aaaa222a
• Password cannot contain full Company Name or E-mail Address
Sample Registration Information
First Name: Jane
Last Name: Doe
Company Name: FedEx
Account Number: 123456789
E-Mail Address:
Using this sample registration information, the following examples apply:
Valid password: JD1234Fed, jand789Ex, J12345d, fed88ex
Invalid password: afedex1jane, jdoe@fedex.com2day
Secret Question and Secret Answer
• As part of the registration process, you are required to create a secret question and provide the answer. This question and answer are used to confirm your identity.
Cookies and Browser Requirements
As outlined in the Privacy Policy, FedEx does use cookies. In order to register for Login, you must set your browser to accept cookies.
Browser requirements
A login supports Netscape Navigator versions 6.0 and higher as well as Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 6.0 and higher.

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