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FedEx Global Trade Manager
Details You Need To Know About EDT
  • Currently, several countries are supported by Estimate Duties and Taxes. We will be adding additional countries in the future. Results will only be applicable to the country of origin, country of manufacture and country of ultimate destination as selected by the user.
  • For multiple product shipments to countries which use the CIF value as the basis for customs valuation, Estimate Duties and Taxes distributes insurance and freight costs proportionately to each product. This distribution will either be based as a percentage of product weight or product value depending on the rules of the destination country. For countries that do not use CIF as the basis for customs valuation, transportation and insurance costs are excluded from the calculation. Currently, Global Trade Manager does not generate compound duty rates and calculations.
  • Preferential rates are displayed by default. These preferential rates can only be achieved by submitting the proper documentation along with the shipment. To help you identify your document needs, you can use Global Trade Manager's Find International Documents tool.
  • Identification of the Harmonized Tariff number is based entirely on a systematic match to the description you provide. Although the first six digits of the Harmonized Tariff are the same throughout the world, product descriptions often do not provide sufficient information to permit accurate classification to the complete eight or ten digit level used by most countries. This system is only intended for use in the estimation of duties and taxes in this tool. To ensure proper product classification, the tariff code selected for use by Global Trade Manager via this link should be reviewed by a licensed broker or trade consultant prior to use in any official Customs-related transaction.
  • This service is intended for small to medium volume international shippers. Large volume shippers with warehouse management systems WMS or enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems should use the integration tools available through FedEx Trade Networks. FedEx Trade Networks also offers several other services that create a powerful international shipping solution for large volume shippers.
  • For more information about how FedEx handles duty and taxes for our U.S. import shipments, click here.
  • Exchange rates supplied by In addition to the terms of use, your access to and use of the information provided through this service is subject to and governed by the terms of use of, which may be found at By using this service you are agreeing to be bound by such terms of use.

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