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Online Account Registration
Account Information
Contact Information
When you create your FedEx account, you become the owner and primary billing contact.

Business Account

Your company must be listed as a business in your local directory assistance or have a Dunn & Bradstreet listing.

If you are opening a business account, the company name is required.

The number of characters for the Address fields combined must not exceed 30.

Credit Card Information
Enter your credit card information that will be associated with this FedEx account to bill shipping charges.

Credit Card Billing Information
If your credit card billing address matches the address you provided in Contact Information, click on the box with your cursor to automatically populate the fields with the same information, or, provide the mailing address for the credit card.

Credit Card Pre-Authorization
To validate your credit card, we perform a pre-authorization on your credit card in the amount of $10.00. The pre-authorized amount will be restored to your credit card's line of credit in 7-14 days.

Credit Card Verification
This pre-authorization is used to verify that the billing address and phone number you've provided match the information the bank has associated with the form of payment you're using.

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