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Refer to FedEx Customer Support for ways to contact FedEx via email, mail, or phone.

Product Profiles

Save time when creating international shipments by using Product Profiles to manage commodities you commonly ship. Accessible from FedEx Ship Manager at and FedEx Global Trade Manager, your Product Profile database can be used to store detailed information regarding your goods and enables you to quickly and easily associate that information with future shipments.

My Product Profiles

Use the My Product Profiles tab to create and manage product profiles and organize them into product groups.

Manage Product Profiles
From My Product Profiles , select the checkbox associated with the product profile you wish to manage or click Add to create a new profile. After making your selection, click View/Edit, Duplicate, Delete or Download Selected to view, edit, duplicate, delete or download the selected product profile.

Manage Groups
Click Create Group from Selected to organize product profiles into groups. Groups provide a convenient way for you to filter large product databases. Select the target group from the View by list to see only product profiles associated with that group.

Filter and Sort
To filter product profiles alphabetically, click the desired letter found at the top-right corner product profile list. Within the results, click on the column name to sort the displayed lists.

Upload Products

Select Upload Products to quickly upload multiple commodities to your product profile database.

Prepare for Upload
From Upload Products, click the csv template link to download and save a product profile data template. You can use this template as a starting point for building a new file to upload. After downloading the template, click the view details for uploading commodity information link to download and save instructions for creating and uploading your product profiles file. Review the instructions and use the template to construct and populate a correctly formatted file to upload.

Upload File
After creating and saving a correctly formatted file containing your product information, click Browse within Prepare for Upload to locate the file to upload. After browsing and selecting the file, click Upload to transmit your product information to FedEx.