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FedEx Freight Quick Help
Address Book
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I use the address book?
  2. How do I view a listing in my address book?
  3. How do I update a listing in my address book?
  4. How do I add a listing to my address book?

Using Address Books

Save contact information for frequent shippers, consignees and third-parties in an easy-to-access Address Book.

From the Address Book homepage you can:
  • Select an Account
  • View / Update Addresses
  • Add New Addresses

Select an Account
  1. Sort By – choose to sort your account list by company name or account number. After marking the appropriate option, your drop down menu will be sorted accordingly. Click on the arrow next to the drop down menu to select an account.
  2. Predictive Typing – type characters directly into the account drop down menu to narrow your search.

View / Update Addresses
Maintain contact information for your frequent shippers, consignees and third parties.
  • View – find a specific address in two ways:
    1. Search by name, store number or city/state. Mark the circle next to the appropriate search criteria, enter your detailed search information in the space available, then click Go.
    2. Alphabet listing. Click the letter of the alphabet corresponding to the contact name you are searching for.
  • Update – click on the appropriate contact name within the Address Book listing. On the following screen you can:
    1. Update the necessary details. Click Update Address to save your changes.
    2. Delete a contact. Click Delete Address to remove a listing from your Address Book.

Add New Addresses
Enter all contact information for the new address listing and click Add Address.