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FedEx Freight Quick Help
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Help menu
Click the Help menu at the top of each page for FAQs, specific instructions, and additional information for the sections and processes you see on the screen.

Contact FedEx
Refer to FedEx Customer Support for ways to contact FedEx via e-mail, mail, or phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I track a shipment?
  2. How many shipments can I track?
  3. How do I request a delivery notification?
  4. How do I E-mail track results?
Track a Shipment

From the drop down menu, indicate the type of shipment tracking number you will enter:
  • PRO number
  • Partner carrier number
  • Purchase order number
  • Shipper number
  • Bill of Lading number

Enter up to 30 shipment tracking numbers in the space provided, one per line.

Click Track to view detailed results.

Summary Results

When tracking multiple shipments, your results will appear in a Summary Results table. Details highlighted within the table include:
  • Tracking number
  • Status
  • Date / Time
  • Destination
  • Service type

Click on any tracking number to view details and a step-by-step tracking summary for each shipment.

Or click Track more shipments to start again.

Detailed Results

For detailed help with sections on this screen, scroll down or click the following links:
  1. Shipment Details
  2. Additional PRO Options
  3. FedEx Freight Advance Notice®
  4. Tracking Details
  5. Delivery Notification
  6. E-mail Results
Shipment Details
Your detailed tracking results include the following details:
  • PRO number
  • Signed for by
  • Pickup date
  • Delivery date / time
  • Shipper / Recipient info – click to view additional details
  • Status
  • Purchase order number
  • Bill of Lading number
  • Origin location – click to view contact information
  • Destination location – click to view contact information
  • Service type
  • Pieces
  • Weight

Additional PRO Options
When tracking a shipment tied directly to your account, some additional options will be listed. Click any link to access further information about your shipment:
  • View Bill of Lading
  • View bill presentment
  • View delivery receipt
  • View account review

FedEx Freight Advance Notice®
If your account is enrolled in FedEx Freight Advance Notice, any applicable delay information will be listed here. (If not already enrolled, click Sign up now to add this feature to your account.)

Tracking Details
Your step-by-step tracking information includes the following up-to-the-minute details:
  • Date / time
  • Status
  • Location
  • Comments

Delivery Notification
When viewing track results for a shipment that has not yet been delivered, you can request a notification upon delivery.

Enter up to three E-mail addresses and click Request Notification.

E-mail Results
When viewing track results for a delivered shipment, you can send the completed track results to interested parties via email

Enter your E-mail address, up to three recipient E-mail addresses and a short message (if desired). Click Send E-mail to distribute the track results.