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FedEx Return System
Online Tutorial  
Section 4 — Exceptions
While the procedures outlined in Section 3 - Using the FedEx Return System will apply to the majority of transactions processed via the FedEx Return System, exceptions will occasionally occur.

This section of the FedEx Return System Online Tutorial covers the following exceptions to FedEx Return System standard operating procedure:

Manual Processing

From time to time the FedEx Return System application may be unavailable due to routine software maintenance, power outages, etc. In these situations, the customer’s return can be initially processed manually. Later the same day, when the FedEx Return System application is available, the return must be formally processed through the system. Below are the steps required to manually process a FedEx Return System transaction.

  1. Call FedEx Return System Technical Support at 1.800.305.0593 and attempt to resolve the technical system issue before proceeding with manual processing.

  2. If manual processing is required, ask FedEx Return System Technical Support (1.800.305.0593) to verify the customer’s RMA. To do this, tell Technical Support over the phone what the RMA number is. They will verify via their system whether the RMA is valid.

    If FedEx Return System Technical Support is not able to validate the return authorization, advise the customer that they should contact their merchant as you are unable to process or confirm the RMA at this time.

    If the RMA is validated, proceed with the manual processing steps below.

  3. Record the customer’s name and phone number, the merchant’s name, RMA #, merchant name, and date/time return was received from customer.

  4. Provide the customer with a copy of this information along with the store name, store location/number, and the agent name as a receipt confirming the transaction.
    For your convenience, a blank FedEx Return System Receipt form can be viewed and printed here.

  5. Advise the customer that you will process and ship the return package as soon as the system becomes available. To check the status of their return, the customer should contact their merchant’s customer service department and provide them with the RMA.

  6. Affix the RMA # and contact information to the package.

  7. Set item aside and process later the same day through the FedEx Return System application.

Note: The return must be processed through the FedEx Return System and the resulting shipping label must be placed on the package before it can be tendered to the FedEx Ground driver or FedEx Express courier (as applicable). Manual process of FedEx Return System packages should only be performed in true exception situations. Every effort should be made initially to process the package via FedEx Return System and resolve technical difficulties before proceeding with above steps.

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Invalid or Unknown RMA

Occasionally, FedEx Return System customers will forget to bring their RMA# with them to your location. FedEx Return System includes an alternate search method that is capable of verifying and processing some customer returns by performing a search based on information other than RMA#. These alternative pieces of information include the customer’s last name, the customer’s zip code, and the merchant’s name.

Note: This alternative method of verification will be successful only in situations where the merchant has, in advance, transmitted this additional customer data to FedEx.  Most FedEx Return System merchants do not currently transmit this information and therefore the customer must provide a valid RMA for the transaction to be processed.


  1. Click the Customer does not have an RMA number? Click here. link located below the Search button.

    Note: Step 1 (above) is the initial step for attempting to process a FedEx Return System transaction if the customer is unable to provide an RMA. If an attempt has been made to enter an RMA, but the RMA was not recognized by the application, start with Step 2 (below).

  2. Enter the customer’s Last Name.

  3. Select the customer’s Merchant from the list OR enter the customer’s ZIP.

  4. Click the Search button.

  5. Click the RMA Number link displayed.

    If more than one valid RMA Number result is returned, query the customer regarding the description of the item and the nature of the return to determine which RMA to process at this time.

  6. Upon clicking the RMA Number link, the standard FedEx Return System Accept process will begin.

    Note: If no results are returned or the item being returned does not appear to match the RMA Descriptions listed, click the Item does not match RMAs listed? Click here. link located below the Back and Cancel buttons. The application will then assist you in looking up the merchant’s contact information for the customer. Advise the customer that the return cannot be processed via FedEx Return System until the customer acquires the appropriate authorization from the merchant and that authorization is verifiable via the FedEx Return System.

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Item Detail Verification

The FedEx Return System offering provides merchants with multiple implementation options. Merchants possessing sophisticated integration capabilities are afforded the opportunity to upload detailed information regarding anticipated returns - including a description of the item being returned and a picture of the item. The processing of an RMA is extended by a step when this additional information is available within the FedEx Return System.


These steps are applicable if the FedEx Return System finds detailed information associated with a return when an RMA is processed via the Accept screen (or alternate search method). The screen above is typical of what would be displayed after the Search button is clicked in these situations.

  1. Ask the customer to verify that the returned item matches the description displayed on the screen.

    OPTIONAL: To assist the customer with the verification process, click the View Additional Information link displayed on the Package Information screen.

  2. Click the “Back” button to return to the “Package Information” screen. To further assist the customer with the verification process, click the “View Photo” link displayed on the “Package Information” screen.

  3. Click the “Back” button to return to the “Package Information” screen.
  4. Select “Yes” or “No” based on the customer’s response.
  5. Click “Next” button. (If “No” is selected, the user will be presented with the option of initiated the alternate RMA search process.)
  6. Continue with the standard RMA processing procedures.

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