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FedEx Return Manager User Guide
Section 2 — Create a FedEx Ground Call Tag Order


When you authorize a return by selecting FedEx Ground Call Tag, you have a paperless process that dispatches a FedEx driver to a pickup location. All shipment information is transmitted electronically to a FedEx Ground terminal. The terminal prints out the FedEx Ground Call Tag label and distributes it to the FedEx Ground driver, who then brings it to the pickup location and affixes it to the return shipment.

Select FedEx Ground Call Tag if

  • Your customer does not have access to the Internet or a printer, and you need a FedEx driver to provide the shipping label.
  • You want to provide your customer with a receipt for the package pickup as proof that the return has been entered into the FedEx shipping system.
  • A FedEx Ground return is desired.
Select Ground Call Tag from the Shipping Document drop-down menu.

Click Continue to complete the FedEx Ground Call Tag return.

Perform the following steps to complete a FedEx Ground Call Tag order:

Service and Packaging

Service Type—FedEx Ground. Refer to the FedEx Service Guide for limitations and restrictions on FedEx domestic shipments.

Delivery Option—Weekday delivery.

Packaging—Other Packaging.

Pickup Information

Complete the following fields about the package being picked up:

Shipping Document—FedEx Ground Call Tag.

Residential Pickup—Click this checkbox if this is a residential pickup.

Request Pickup—This drop-down menu allows you to select one of the following:

  • Schedule a pickup for the next business day. For example, if today is Monday, the next pickup day is Tuesday. If today is Friday, the next pickup day is Monday.
    Note: Holidays may affect the pickup day selected. For example, if today is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, schedule the pickup for Friday. Refer to the Holiday Observance Schedule in the Appendix.

  • Schedule a pickup for up to 10 business days in advance.
  • Future Pickup. No dispatch is scheduled at this time. All pickup information is stored in the FedEx Return Manager database until you update the RMA record with a valid pickup day.
Follow-up Reminder—When creating an order for Future Pickup, you can specify the number of days before the order is triggered for follow-up. This is useful as a reminder to contact the customer to schedule the pickup.

Pickup Instructions—Use this field for special instructions or additional information to help the FedEx driver locate the package. Common examples include: "Pick up at front desk," "Go to receiving/shipping dock," "The building gate code number is XX," etc.

Note: Here are a few reminders when scheduling a FedEx pickup:
  • Schedule only 1 pickup per day for a particular location.
  • Use street addresses only. FedEx cannot use post office box zip codes. FedEx does not deliver to post office boxes.
Message to Customer (Optional)—Use this field to send a message to your customer, such as shipping instructions. The message will appear in the return authorization confirmation e-mail that your customer receives from your company.

Inbound Shipment Details

Complete the following fields about the incoming shipment:

Total Pieces—The number of packages to be picked up. The default is configurable; however, you may override the default and enter up to 20.

Note: You can enter piece detail information for orders with less than 5 packages. If you need to enter different package details for each piece in the order, click the different details link in the Piece by Piece section. Clicking this link brings up a separate screen where you can enter details for up to 5 pieces. Otherwise, for all multiple-piece orders the information entered for Piece #1 will be applied to all pieces within the order. Updates are not allowed to change the piece quantity in the order.
Package Dimensions—Complete the Length, Width, and Height fields.

  • Minimum value: 1" for Length, 1" for Width, 1" for Height.
  • Maximum value: Total length + girth cannot exceed 130" (Girth = [2 x width] + [2 x height]).
Description—The product description you enter in this field will appear on the FedEx Ground Call Tag Label.

Weight—The total weight of the package in pounds. The default is configurable; however, you may override the default and enter up to 150 pounds per piece.

Note: The weight divided by the total pieces in the shipment must be greater than 1.

Declared Value—FedEx Ground's liability is limited to $100 unless you declare a higher value. If a shipment appears to be damaged, do not issue a FedEx Ground Call Tag to pick it up. Please call 1.800.Go.FedEx® (800.463.3339) to file a claim. Restrictions may apply on FedEx Ground Call Tags for shipments that have not originally been shipped via FedEx Ground. Please see the Terms and Conditions section of the FedEx Service Guide for details.

The following fields are optional. You may use these fields for any internal reference information to help you identify the shipment:

  • Purchase Order #
  • Item #
  • Shipper Reference—Your internal reference information about the shipment (maximum 24 characters). If you want the RMA number in this field, click RMA as Default. The system automatically enters the RMA number into the Shipper Reference field when the order is submitted.
  • Reason for Return—You can select a return reason from the drop-down menu or select Other and fill in the reason in the free-form field.
  • Serial #

Submit Order

Check the e-mail address of the return shipper displayed in "A confirmation email will be sent to the following address(es):" box. If the e-mail field needs to be modified, you can do it at this time by clicking the Enter/Change button.

After completing all of the fields, click Submit Order to send it to FedEx. The FedEx Return Manager system edits the information and sends back a confirmation that the order was processed successfully.


The FedEx Return Manager Confirmation Screen displays information about the return order. FedEx Ground Call Tag confirmation and tracking numbers will display on the Return Manager Reports and Follow-Up Screen when available.

If the FedEx Return Manager pickup order was not received successfully by FedEx, the Errors/Warnings/Information section displays messages detailing what prevented the order from being processed. You must make the corrections indicated by the system and resubmit the order.

See the Appendix for a list of possible System Messages and Error Messages.

Merchant Checklist

There are several things you can remind the shipper to do to make FedEx Return Manager more effective when using the FedEx Ground Call Tag option:

  • Identify a specific location where the FedEx Ground Call Tag package will be picked up.
  • Clearly mark the shipment "FedEx Call Tag" using a felt-tip marker.
  • Ensure all shipments are properly packaged and ready prior to the pickup ready time. The driver will not be able to wait for the shipment to be packaged nor will the driver provide packaging materials.
  • Avoid leaving packages in unattended areas. Make sure someone is at the shipper's location that will physically be available to give the package immediately to the driver.

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