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FedEx Return Manager User Guide
Section 2 — Create a FedEx Ground Online Label Order


When using the FedEx Ground Online Label option to authorize a return, the shipping label is transmitted to your customer via e-mail. Your customer receives an e-mail with the confirmation information about the shipment and the web address to access FedEx Ground Online Label. Your customer prints the label on a laser or ink jet printer and either drops off the package, schedules a pickup, or has the package picked up with the regularly scheduled FedEx Ground pickup. You need a FedEx Ground-enabled FedEx account number to process this return transaction.

Select FedEx Ground Online Label if

  • Your customer has Internet access and a printer.
  • You prefer to use FedEx Ground service to ship your returns.
Select Ground Online Label from the Shipping Document drop-down menu.

Click Continue to complete the FedEx Ground Online Label return.

Perform the following steps to complete a FedEx Ground Online Label order:

Service and Packaging

Service Type—FedEx Ground.

Delivery Option—Weekday delivery.

Packaging—Other Packaging.

Shipping Information

Shipping Document—Ground Online Label.

Label Expiration Date—The latest date the shipper can access and print out the label. FedEx Return Manager allows up to 30 days for label generation.

Shipper's Return Method—Click the drop-down box to choose Drop-Off or Schedule a Pickup. If you are not sure of what method the shipper would prefer, choose Either Option. If the shipper later decides to schedule a pickup, he can schedule it after generating the label.

Note: Scheduling a FedEx Ground Online Label pickup is only available for commercial locations. You must select Drop-Off if the shipper is located at a residential location.
Click FedEx Dropoff Locations for the FedEx Ground Drop-off Location near your customer's location.

Follow-up Reminder—You can specify the number of days for label generation before the order is triggered for follow-up. This is useful as a reminder to contact the customer in case the label is not generated within a certain period of time.

Message to Customer (optional)—Use this field to send a message to your customer, such as shipping instructions. The message will appear in the return authorization confirmation e-mail your customer receives from your company.

Inbound Shipment Details

Complete the following fields about the shipment:

Pieces—The number of packages to be shipped. The default is configurable; however, you may override the default and enter up to 5.

Note: You can enter piece detail information for multiple-piece orders. If you need to enter different package details for each piece in the order, click the different details link in the Piece by Piece section. Clicking this link brings up a separate screen where you can enter details for up to 5 pieces. Otherwise, for all multiple-piece orders, the information entered for the first piece will be applied to all pieces within the order.
Package Dimensions—Complete the Length, Width, and Height fields.

  • Minimum value: 1" for Length, 1" for Width, 1" for Height.
  • Maximum value: Total length + girth cannot exceed 130" (Girth = [2 x width] + [2 x height]).

Description—The product description you enter in this field will appear on the FedEx Ground Online Label.
Weight—The total weight of the package in pounds. The default is configurable; however, you may override the default and enter up to 150 pounds per piece.

Declared Value—Declared value is limited to $100 for FedEx Ground Online Label return shipments. If a shipment appears to be damaged, call 1.800.Go.FedEx® (800.463.3339) to file a claim prior to issuing a FedEx Online Label for this shipment. Restrictions may apply. Please see the Terms and Conditions section of the FedEx Service Guide for details.

The following fields are optional. You may use these fields for any internal reference information to help you identify the shipment:

  • Purchase Order #
  • Item #
  • Shipper Reference—Your internal reference information about the shipment (maximum 24 characters). For FedEx Ground Online Label shipments, when the shipper generates the shipping label, the reference information is displayed on the shipping label in a bar code and in human readable characters. If you want the RMA number in this field, click RMA as Default. The system automatically enters the RMA number into the Shipper Reference field when the order is submitted.
  • Reason for Return—You can select a return reason from the drop-down menu or select Other and fill in the reason in the free-form field.
  • Serial #

Submit Order

Check the e-mail address of the return shipper displayed in "A confirmation email will be sent to the following address(es):" box. If the e-mail field needs to be modified, you can do it at this time by clicking the Enter/Change button.

Click Submit Order to transmit the FedEx Ground Online Label via e-mail to the shipper. The FedEx Return Manager system processes the information and sends back a confirmation to you that the order was processed successfully.


The FedEx Return Manager Confirmation Screen displays information you entered about the return order, including RMA Number, Confirmation Number, and shipment information. The tracking number is not generated until the shipper accesses the label. The tracking number appears on your Labels Generated Return Manager Reports, confirming that a return label has been activated.

If the shipper has more than 5 packages for shipment, click Create Another Order (for the same shipper). The Create Order Screen displays with the same shipper's contact information that was previously recorded. You will only need to make adjustments to the RMA #, label expiration date, product description, weight, value, and packaging.

If the FedEx Return Manager order was not received successfully by FedEx, the Errors/Warnings/Information section displays messages detailing what prevented the order from being processed. You must make the corrections indicated by the system and resubmit the order.

See the Appendix for a list of possible System Messages and Error Messages.

Receipt of FedEx Ground Online Label by Shipper

Once the order is processed successfully, the shipper receives an e-mail that contains the website where the label can be accessed, as well as the confirmation information and any special messages from the merchant. The shipper clicks on the website to open the Shipment Selection screen where the shipper clicks the box next to the shipment and clicks Prepare Shipping Document.

Note: The FedEx Tracking Number is "pending" until after the shipper generates the FedEx Online Label.
After the label and FedEx Ground Pickup Manifest are generated, the shipper uses the Print function on the browser to print a copy on their laser printer. The shipper's RMA or reference number displays on the label under the shipping address. By clicking Continue, the shipper proceeds to print the remaining labels (if applicable) and, after the label generation process is complete, displays the screen that contains information about reprinting the label, scheduling a pickup (for next day only), finding a convenient drop-off location, or canceling a shipment.

If the shipper is not ready to schedule a pickup after printing the label, this option will be available in the Pickup Options section of the Shipment Selection screen that the shipper can access though the FedEx Online Label System URL.

Note: The shipper can access Quick Help to find complete instructions on using the FedEx Online Label System.

Merchant Checklist

There are several things you can remind the shipper to do to make FedEx Return Manager more effective when using the FedEx Ground Online Label option:

  • The FedEx Ground Online Label must be securely affixed to the package before leaving it with the FedEx Ground driver or taking it to a FedEx drop-off location.
  • The shipment must be completely packaged, taped, and ready for the FedEx Ground driver to pick up as soon as he arrives.
  • The shipment must be placed where the FedEx Ground driver can find and identify it. If the shipper is not the contact person and the shipment must be left with someone else, be sure the FedEx Ground driver knows exactly who to ask for or where to pick up the package.
    Note: If you authorize a shipment as a drop-off and it does not receive a pickup or delivery scan within 45 days, FedEx Return Manager Reports may not reflect all scan activity. Please check for tracking information.

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