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FedEx Return Manger User Guide
Section 4 — Follow-Up

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When the follow-up feature is activated, FedEx Return Manager allows you to identify outstanding orders, provide a daily call report, and enter call notes for all open/outstanding orders. The daily call report indicates orders that require further investigation. FedEx Return Manager triggers a follow-up for any of the following reasons:

  • No pickup is scheduled for a future pickup after "x" number of days since the pickup order was opened ("x" is configurable in the system profile).
  • Pickup dispatch was scheduled, but the pickup was not successful.
  • No movement scan on a particular air waybill or FedEx Stamp tracking number in "x" number of days.
  • No proof of delivery (POD) scan received by the FedEx Return Manager commitment date.
  • No FedEx Tracking Number was entered for the return air waybill/FedEx Stamp.
  • FedEx Return Manager detected a different FedEx Tracking Number than that given on the FedEx Return Manager order.
  • Dispatch rescheduled by FedEx resulting in a new confirmation number. The new pickup confirmation number/date will only show in the Follow-up notes and in the message at the bottom of the screen when you search for an order. The original pickup confirmation number/date will remain in the order fields.
  • The number of packages actually picked up does not match the original quantity specified.
  • FedEx Return Manager did not receive tracking data for the FedEx Ground Call Tag within 15 calendar days of order creation.
The follow-up feature is activated in your system profile during the initial setup by your FedEx representative.

How to Begin

Click Follow-Up on the navigator bar on any FedEx Return Manager screen. The FedEx system displays all RMA records identified for follow-up on the call report.

You may customize the follow-up option to trigger a follow-up for all records or for records created using a particular User ID. Click the Customize Follow-up button at the top of the Follow-up Screen.

Customer Follow-up Selection Screen

This report indicates why a particular RMA record is triggered for follow-up. A record will appear on the follow-up report until one of the following occurs:

  • Call notes are entered and submitted for that RMA record.
  • Follow-up is manually closed by the user.
  • The Follow-up Trigger criteria is remedied. (For example, the follow-up trigger had no POD received by commitment day, and then a POD scan was later received by the system.)
    Note: For a list of follow-up trigger messages, descriptions, and recommended actions, see the Appendix.

Follow-up Screen

To see a detailed report on a particular RMA number, click on the associated RMA number to display the detailed report for that RMA number. The Follow-up Screen displays.

The latest scan data for all FedEx Tracking Numbers associated with that shipment are listed in the Associated FedEx Tracking Number field. All FedEx Tracking Numbers are hotlinked to the FedEx Tracking page on the Internet. To get the latest tracking information, click on the FedEx Tracking Numbers and follow the on-screen instructions.

Follow-up Notes

You can enter notes for this record and the notes will be maintained in the FedEx Return Manager database. These notes will be displayed on the screen if the RMA appears in the follow-up report again. The notes can also be viewed from the third-level report screen.

You may want to enter notes to

  • Contact your customer about a failed pickup and you want to maintain a record of the conversation.
  • Document any additional information or action taken regarding this RMA.

How to Enter Notes

You have 3 methods of entering call notes into FedEx Return Manager:

  1. Use the Default Notes pull-down menu to select from a list of default comments.

  2. Select Other from the default list and enter free-form notes in the Follow-up Notes field.

    Note: You must enter free-form notes if Other is selected.
  3. Combine both default and free-form notes by selecting a default comment, then entering free-form notes in the Other Notes field. The free-form notes will be appended to the default when submitted in the system.

How to Submit Notes/Close Follow-up

Once you have entered the call notes, you must select from the Please Select pull-down menu. Select from one of the following choices:

  • Close Follow-up.
  • Note for call # "x." The FedEx Return Manager system automatically inserts the appropriate number ("x") for the call.
If you select Close Follow-up, the Follow-Up feature is deactivated for this RMA record. This RMA number will no longer display regardless of whether another follow-up trigger is detected.

Click Submit Follow-up Notes to enter the notes into the FedEx Return Manager database. The RMA is removed from the follow-up list. The RMA may show up on future follow-up reports if another follow-up trigger is detected.

Manually Closing an Order

If you decide to close the order, click Manual Close. A confirmation message appears and asks the user, "Manually closing this order will cancel a pending pickup request and permanently prevent any additional edits on this RMA number. Are you sure you wish to close?"

If you select OK, FedEx Return Manager changes the order status to "Manually Closed." Any existing pickup request is cancelled.

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