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FedEx Return Manager User Guide
Section 5 - Zip Inquiry


The Zip Inquiry Screen checks pickup and shipping availability based on the zip code of the pickup location. You may edit the Zip Inquiry Screen information using options in the drop-down menus.

How to Begin

  1. Click Zip Inquiry on the FedEx Return Manager navigation bar to receive the following results:

    • The city and state of the package pickup.
    • Available FedEx drop-off locations.
    • Local Date/Time.
    • FedEx cutoff time for FedEx to pick up the package.
    • FedEx ExpressTag availability for the same-day or next-day pickup.
    • Courier Access Time tells the timeframe you should allow FedEx to make a pickup. 

  2. Click View Dropoff Locations for the FedEx Drop-off Location near the zip code entered in the Zip Inquiry Screen. Close the browser window to return to the FedEx Return Manager Zip Inquiry Screen. 

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