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FedEx Return Manager Admin User Guide
Section 2 — Company Profile
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To access the Company Profile screen, click Company Profile on the Welcome screen navigation bar. Completing this screen provides general default information. The contact information can be used if it is necessary for FedEx to contact you regarding your FedEx Return Manager account.

Three of these default fields consist of static information that has already been entered:
  • Shipping Account Number - the Merchant Administrators’ registered shipping account number (primary account).
  • Company ID - The Company ID for new registrations will be auto generated during the registration process and is used by FedEx for internal purposes only.
  • Company Name - The Merchant’s company name displayed on this screen cannot be modified. This is the company name entered during registration.

Required Data Fields

To complete the Company Profile screen, the following data is required:

Contact Name—The name of the person responsible for making decisions about your FedEx Return Manager account, such as price changes, contract amendments, etc.; it may be different from the Merchant Administrator's name.

Contact Phone Nbr—The contact person's telephone number, including the area code.

Contact Email Address—The e-mail address of the contact person.
Time Zone—The time zone for the contact person's location. Select the correct time zone from the drop-down menu.

Customer Contact Phone Nbr—The telephone number your customers can call if they have inquiries about their return shipments (such as your call center telephone number). It will appear on the return shipment e-mail confirmation and on the Shipment Selection screen of the FedEx Online Label System. This field defaults to the Contact Phone Nbr field on the Company Profile screen. Please edit it if you would like to provide a different telephone number for your customers' inquiries.

Default Shipping Document—This specifies which FedEx shipping document will be used as a default for the inbound shipment. This option can be edited in a drop-down menu in the FedEx Return Manager Create Order screen, which allows changes when needed based on your account-approved shipping documents.

Express Shipping Document options- Airbill, Express Tag, Online Label

Follow-up Flag - This flag determines if Follow-Up Profiles are used.

Ground Shipping Document options- Online Label, Ground Call Tag

Recipient Billing Account Nbr- Enter the Recipient Billing Account Numbers that are to be used. The account numbers entered will appear in a drop-down list on the Recipient Profile screen. This field allows the Administrator to add additional accounts to Return Manager.

Return Shipper Method- Express options and editable checkbox

Return Shipper Method- Ground options and editable checkbox

Return Shipper Method- SmartPost option (currently static text)

RMA Assignment Flag options- Merchant Assigns or FedEx Assigns

  • If "Merchant Assigns" is selected: A RMA number must be entered on the Create Order screen and no number is entered in the RMA Auto Start Nbr field.
  • If "FedEx Assigns" is selected: A RMA number must be entered in the RMA Auto Start Nbr field.

RMA Auto Start Number (field length 8-12 digits)- Enter a starting RMA number. Used only when the RMA Assignment Flag is set to “FedEx Assigns”.

SmartPost Shipping Document option- Online Label

Optional Data Fields

The following fields are optional:

Contact Fax Phone Nbr—The contact person's fax number.

Extension—The contact person's telephone extension.

RMA as Default—This optional field allows you to use the RMA number as the default shipper reference number. When selected, the RMA number will be printed on the return label. This option can be edited in the FedEx Return Manager Create Order screen.

Select Return Reason—This drop-down menu contains a list of all possible return reasons. If only some of them apply to you, you may select them here. Use the Ctrl (Control) key to select multiple reasons. These will display in the Reason for Return drop-down menu on the FedEx Return Manager Create Order screen.

Do you wish to have a confirmation e-mail sent to the shipper automatically?—If you select Yes and the shipper e-mail field is populated in the FedEx Return Manager Create Order screen, the shipper will receive a return shipment e-mail confirmation with all shipping documents.

After all fields have been entered and the Company Profile is complete, click Add. After clicking Add, a confirmation message screen displays to verify that the information has been entered into the Company Profile screen.

Company Profile Function Buttons

If you click Clear Form prior to saving any of the information, all nonstatic information will be deleted and the fields will be blank.

To modify the Company Profile information after the system is set up, select Company Profile on the navigation bar, edit the desired fields, and click Update.

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