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FedEx Return Manager Admin User Guide
Section 8 — Label Profile
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The Label Profile screen allows the Merchant Administrator to set up and modify desired FedEx Online Label defaults. (This screen does not apply to FedEx ExpressTag, Airbill/FedEx Stamp, or FedEx Ground Call Tag labels.) Online label is the shipping document option that allows you to e-mail your customer a URL containing a return label. The online label function is dependent on the type of approved FedEx services your company has been allowed to use.

The first field on the Label Profile screen is the account number and has already been entered. This static information cannot be edited.

Required Data Field

To complete the Label Profile screen, the following information is required:

Maximum # of days for Label Printing is a required field. This reflects the default for the number days within which the label must be printed for online label orders. Up to 30 days can be selected. If the label is not printed within this number of days, access to the URL containing the label expires.

Optional Data Field

The following field is optional:

Merchant's Default Email Address—Automatically e-mails a copy of the label URL to the merchant. This option can be edited in the FedEx Return Manager Order screen.

After you have entered information in all of the required fields and completed the Label Profile screen, click Add. A confirmation message screen displays to verify that the information has been entered into the FedEx Return Manager Merchant Profile System.

Label Profile Function Button

The Merchant Administrator may edit the Label Profile information by changing any of the fields and then clicking the Update button at the bottom of the screen.

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