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FedEx Return Manager Admin User Guide
Section 7 — Recipient Profile
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The FedEx Return Manager Merchant Recipient Profile screen allows the Merchant Administrator to create and modify recipient information for return locations to be used in the FedEx Return Manager System.

To access the Recipient Profile screen, click Recipient Profile on the navigation bar.


The first field on the Recipient Profile screen is the recipient account number and has already been entered. This static information cannot be edited.

Required Data Fields

To complete the Recipient Profile screen, the following information is required:

Recipient Code—This field is used to identify a return location, which will be listed in the pull-down window in the FedEx Return Manager Order Screen. The default location for all orders is the return location checked on the Recipient Profile List screen.

The return location can be up to 15 alphanumeric characters long, and up to 40 return locations can be stored as separate recipient profiles.

Additional locations can be manually entered in the FedEx Return Manager Create Order screen.

Company Name—Name of the return location. This could be your company, your warehouse, or the company that will receive the returned items.

Address—Complete address of the return location.

City/State/Zip/Country—The corresponding city, state, zip code, and country information for the designated address.

Contact Phone Number—Telephone number for the contact person at the return location.

Contact Name—Person in charge at the return locations in case additional information is needed.

Close Time—The latest time the recipient location will be open for delivery or pickup purposes. This number must be entered in military time (e.g., 0001-2359).

Note: Required fields are bold on the screen.

Optional Data Fields

Additional fields in the Recipient Profile screen are optional, and should be customized by the Merchant Administrator according to business needs and preferences.

Contact Email Address—E-mail address for the contact person at the return location.

Service Type—Choose the appropriate FedEx Express or FedEx Ground service as your default option. This option can be edited from the FedEx Return Manager Order Screen.

Packaging—Choose the appropriate packaging that you will be using for the returned items.

Package Dimensions—Enter default package dimensions for FedEx Express and FedEx Ground shipments.

Shipper Reference—The reference number for the shipment.

Bill to Account Number—This drop-down list can contain up to 10 FedEx account numbers that you can select to bill for each recipient location. If there are no additional account numbers in this drop-down list, all of your shipments are billed to your FedEx Return Manager account number displayed in the static text on top of the screen.

Note: You can request that FedEx set up this list for you at the time of your initial signup or by contacting Return Manager tech support at 1.877.339.2774..

Piece Quantity—Average Number of pieces per shipment. The multiple-piece shipment option is only available through the FedEx ExpressTag® and FedEx Ground Call Tag labeling options.

Total Weight—Average total weight per shipment.

Delivery Option—Choose among weekday delivery, weekend delivery, or hold options.

Customs Value—This field is not available at this time.

Total Declared Value—The shipment default total declared value.

Commodity Name—Type of item being returned.

Total Maximum Declared Value—Maximum value to be declared on the returned shipment (subject to limitations in the FedEx Service Guide).

Courier Remarks are limited to 60 characters (e.g., Pickup package at leasing office).

After you have entered information in all of the required fields and completed the Recipient Profile screen, click Add. A confirmation message screen displays to verify that the information has been entered into the FedEx Return Manager Merchant Profile System.

Recipient Profile Function Buttons

By using the function buttons at the bottom of the screen, the Merchant Administrator can
  • Edit the recipient profile by selecting the appropriate Recipient Code, changing the desired fields, and then clicking Update.
  • Remove a recipient profile by selecting the appropriate Recipient Code, clicking Delete, and answering Yes to the "Are you sure?" prompt.
  • Clear the form by clicking Clear Form. This allows the screen to be refreshed for that particular profile.
  • Search for a specific recipient profile. Enter the specific Recipient Code and click Search.

To display a list of all recipient profiles in alphabetical order with Recipient Codes, click List. This screen displays a list of all of your recipient locations. To select a default recipient, check the radio button by the Recipient Location in the Default Location column. This location displays as the default on the FedEx Return Manager Create Order screen.


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