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Section 2 - Using FedEx Return System
FedEx Return System
FedEx Return System has been designed to be easy to use for both novice and experienced users. The application will walk the user step-by-step through the process of producing a FedEx shipping label based on the customer's RMA number.

Recognizing a FedEx Return System RMA

Most customers utilizing your location to return merchandise will have been provided with documented return instructions (including an RMA number) by their merchant. Please keep in mind, however, that some customers may be unfamiliar with the FedEx Return System process and unsure of what to expect when they arrive at your location. To help your location staff recognize the customer's need, some merchants also provide their customers with “operational processing instructions” directed at the FedEx Return System location employee (i.e., You). These additional/optional instructions are given to the location employee along with the RMA information to further facilitate processing. Because FedEx Return System participating merchants have the flexibility to customize the presentation of the customer instructions and the RMA number (within acceptable parameters), all FedEx Return System requests will not look exactly alike.

FedEx Return System RMA Characteristics:

  • Has between 11 - 23 characters (alphanumeric)
  • Usually includes a “$” as the 16th digit
  • Typically begins with four (4) alpha characters

Example 1: FXZZ00012341234$0000052

Example 2: FFRP99234512312$0231412

Example 3: DRQW55NORT1234X

Customer Return Instructions typically include:

  • RMA - Human readable
  • RMA - Bar-coded
  • How to package the return item
  • Where to take (or how to ship) the return item
  • Merchant's contact / address information

Additionally, please keep in mind that the customer entering your store is UNLIKELY to use the phrase: “Please process this FedEx Return System package.”

A MORE LIKELY scenario would be for the customer to hand you the box and a piece of paper with an RMA on it and say:
“I need to return this.”


“Bob's Baseball Bonanza told me to bring my bat here and give you this number and you would ship it for free.”

Regardless of what - if anything - the customer provides in terms of written documentation, the first consideration is whether or not the FedEx Return System application is able to confirm that the return request (RMA) exists and is authorized. When in doubt, always make multiple attempts to correctly enter the RMA into the FedEx Return System application prior to concluding that a problem exists with the RMA provided by the customer. Additionally, contact the FedEx Return System Hotline (1.800.305.0593) if a problem arises and make an earnest attempt to resolve the issue before advising the customer that you are unable to help them.

Examples of FedEx Return System RMA Instructions

fig 1

fig 2

The above (fig 1 and fig 2) illustrate only two of the more common FedEx Return System RMA instruction formats. Merchants may also incorporate the RMA and the RMA barcode into the original order packing list or customer invoice. These implementations may not include an RMA barcode. Please review any materials provided by the customer in association with the return request and work with the customer to determine the return authorization number.

Lastly, some customers may have forgotten the RMA number or failed to bring the return instructions their merchant provided. This does not necessarily mean that they are not FedEx Return System customers. In most circumstances, these customers can still be assisted if the merchant provided return authorization can be confirmed within FedEx Return System by an alternate means (such as customer name). More information regarding the processing these transactions can be found in Section 3 - Exception Handling.

Accessing FedEx Return System

FedEx Return System is a secure, web-based application. The steps below illustrate how an authorized FedEx Return System user accesses the application.


  1. Navigate browser to the following URL:

    Note: FedEx Office and FedEx WSC users of FedEx Point of Sale (FPOS) can automatically launch the web-browser to the FedEx Return System URL by clicking the Returns tab within FPOS (see fig 3 below).

    fig 3

  2. At the Log-in screen (fig 4 below), enter assigned User Name and Password.

    fig 4

  3. Click Login.
  4. Upon successful login, the user will be presented with the RMA Search screen.

Note: If you forget your User Name and/or Password, please call 1.800.305.0593 for assistance.

Accepting the RMA

Once logged in to the FedEx Return System, the customer’s return materials authorization (RMA) number is entered (or scanned) to begin the return process.

fig 5


  1. To initiate a return, first click the Accept function tab (if required) to navigate to the RMA Search screen.
  2. Enter the return material authorization (RMA) number that the customer provides, or scan the associated RMA barcode (if available).
  3. Click the Search button.
  4. Verifying the Package screen is presented (see below).

Note: If the customer does not remember their RMA, you can attempt to process the return by clicking on the Customer does not have an RMA number? Click here. Additional information regarding this exception process is covered within this tutorial in Section 3 - Exception Handling.

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Verifying the Package

If the RMA is confirmed as authorized by FedEx Return System, a screen similar to the below will be presented to the user providing additional instruction.

fig 6


  1. View the resulting display.
  2. Follow the instructions provided.
  3. Click the Next button.
  4. Weight confirmation screen is presented (see below).

Note: Some RMA transactions will result in additional instruction screens being displayed. Additional information regarding this exception process is covered within this tutorial in Section 3 - Exception Handling.

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Entering the Weight

The anticipated (estimated) weight of the return package will be displayed. If the estimated weight is inaccurate, it can be edited before proceeding.

fig 7


  1. Weigh the package.
  2. Enter the package weight. (Round-up to the next pound as necessary.)
  3. Click the Next button.
  4. Package Placement screen will be presented (see below). Customer receipt and shipping label will automatically print.

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Printing the Label

The FedEx shipping label and FedEx Return System customer receipt will automatically print when user arrives at the screen below.  If a problem with the shipping label, customer receipt, or thermal label printer occurs (such as being out of label stock or being turned-off), the label and receipt may be reprinted.

fig 8


  1. View the resulting display.
  2. Follow the Package Placement procedures.
  3. Click the Process New button to process another RMA.  Click the Exit to close the web- browser and FedEx Return System.
  4. FedEx shipping label and FedEx Return System customer receipt (see samples below) are both printed to the thermal printer designated in the location’s FedEx Return System technical setup profile.

Special Note:

In order to successfully print the shipping label and the customer receipt, the thermal printer that is being used by a FedEx Office, FedEx WSC, or FASC must be listed as a supported printer within this tutorial under System Requirements in Section 1 – Getting Started.

Further, the thermal printer being used and the port it is connected to must be the printer designated within your FedEx Return System location profile and associated with the login used to access the system. This information was established when you enrolled in the FedEx Return System program and its accuracy is critical to the program’s success.

To verify that your printer profile is setup correctly OR to notify FedEx that your printer setup has changed OR to resolve problems associated with printing a shipping label or customer receipt - please call FedEx Return System Technical Support at 1.800.305.0593.

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Sample Shipping Label and Customer Receipt

FedEx Return System will print a FedEx Ground or FedEx Express shipping label based on the merchant preferences associated with the RMA processed. The application will also automatically print a receipt for the customer (on the same thermal label printer) at the time of shipment.

Below are samples of the FedEx Ground and FedEx Express shipping labels and customer receipt produced by FedEx Return System.

FedEx Ground Shipping Label

fig 9

FedEx Express Shipping Label

fig 10

FedEx Return System Customer Receipt

fig 11

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Tracking RMAs

Once a returned item has been shipped, you can track the status of the package or shipment to its final destination by its RMA number .

fig 12


  1. Click the Track tab.
  2. Enter one or more RMA numbers (fig 12 above). To enter multiple RMA numbers, enter each RMA number on a separate line. The maximum number of RMAs you can track at one time is 25.
  3. Click Track It!

    fig 13

  4. From the Track Shipments - Summary Results screen (fig 13 above), click an RMA number hyperlink to view detailed tracking information.

    fig 14

  5. To track additional shipments, click Track More Shipments and repeat Steps 2 - 4.
  6. If an RMA number was not found, verify the RMA number, modify it if necessary, and click Resubmit All.

Viewing merchant contact information


  1. On the left-hand side of the screen within the FedEx Return System application, click the Merchant Information hyperlink.
  2. On the Contact Information screen, click the Merchant Name arrow and choose a merchant from the list.
  3. Click Print to print the merchant contact information to the label printer.

Log Off

The FedEx Return System user may exit the application at any time by clicking the Log Off link in the top left portion of the screen (see below).

fig 15

Upon clicking the Log Off link the user will be returned to the FedEx Return System Login screen (see fig 16 below).

fig 16

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