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Refer to FedEx Customer Support for ways to contact FedEx via e-mail, mail, or phone.

Pending Shipments

A Pending Shipment is a shipment record saved to be processed later. This allows you to enter your shipment information ahead of time and print the labels when your packages are ready to be shipped.
  • Pending Shipments expire 10 days after creating the shipment, or the future date you selected when creating the shipment.
  • Pending Shipments cannot be saved for FedEx Express Freight shipments, return shipments, or shipments that have been scheduled for pickup.
  • You will not be billed for Pending Shipments if you do not process the shipment and print the label.
  • You can save up to 100 shipments, and you can ship up to 10 shipments at a time.
  • You can process and print Pending Shipment labels at any time.
    • If you select a Pending Shipment with a past date or today’s date, the label prints today’s date.
    • If you select a Pending Shipment with a future date, the label prints the future date.
  • To display a reminder that you have Pending Shipments each time you login or logout to FedEx Ship Manager, select Remind Me to Print Pending Shipments in the Complete your Shipment section on the Preferences screen.

Create a Pending Shipment

  1. Select Create a Shipment from the Prepare Shipment tab.
  2. Enter the shipment information. You must provide complete shipping information in order to save a Pending Shipment for processing later today or at a future date.
  3. In the Complete Your Shipment section, click Save for Later. The shipment is saved in the Pending Shipment log.

View Pending Shipments

  • Select View Pending Shipments from the Prepare Shipment tab.

Search Pending Shipments

  1. Enter the search criteria in the Search text box.
  2. Select the column to search from the drop-down menu.
  3. Pending Shipments that match your search criteria will display in the table.

Sort the Pending Shipment Table

  • Select a column header to sort the corresponding column in ascending or descending order.

Cancel Pending Shipments

  • To cancel one or more Pending Shipments, select the row(s) and click Delete.
  • To cancel all Pending Shipments, choose the checkbox header in the checkbox column to select all shipments and click Delete.

Edit a Pending Shipment

You have several options available when you want to edit a Pending Shipment:
  1. To edit only the Weight and/or Service type for the shipment, select the Pending Shipment and then change its Weight or Service type. These changes will be applied when you click the Ship button.
    NOTE: The Weight field cannot be edited if the shipment contains more than one package.

  2. To edit any other information for a shipment, select the Pending Shipment, click Edit, and then make any necessary changes.
  3. In the Complete your Shipment section, click Save for Later to update the Pending Shipment, or click Ship to process the shipment.

Print Today’s Labels

Click Print Today’s Labels to process and print labels for all Pending Shipments with today’s date as the Ship Date.

Process Pending Shipments

  • To process one or more Pending Shipments, select the row(s) and click Ship.
  • To process all Pending Shipments, select the checkbox header for the first column to select all shipments and click Ship.

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