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FedEx Signature Proof of Delivery QuickHelp
Signature Proof of Delivery
To confirm a shipment has been received and signed for, you can us our Signature Proof of Delivery feature. With this feature, you can see a picture of the recipient's signature for FedEx Express ® or FedEx Ground ® shipments only. You can view this letter online, print it out, or fax it.

What Do I Need to Know?

Here are some helpful tips:

The difference between Tracking and Signature Proof of Delivery - You can use Tracking to check the status of your shipment at any time during and within 90 days after delivery. You can use Signature Proof of Delivery to get a picture of the recipient's signature (if the signature is available) once the shipment has been delivered.

Multiple Signature Proof of Delivery requests - If you want to receive proof of delivery for multiple shipments, please complete a proof of delivery request for each shipment.
Service availability - You can get proof of delivery for FedEx Express and FedEx Ground shipments that were delivered to destinations within the US, Puerto Rico, and Canada.
Approximate ship date - If you are uncertain which day you sent your shipment, you can enter an approximate ship date within five days before of after the actual ship date.
No signature found - Signatures could take up to five days to process. Even if no signature is available, you can still view, print, and fax the available proof of delivery information. You can also check again later for the signature. If no signature is available after seven business days, please call  1.800.GoFedEx. Please note that the signature may be unavailable if it was released (the sender or recipient signed a signature release agreement).
Consignee - The consignee of a shipment is the person to whom the shipment was sent (or consigned).

How Do I Get More Help?
For more information about FedEx Express or FedEx Ground Signature Proof of Delivery, please call  1.800.GoFedEx.
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