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FedEx Delivery Manager® Quick Help

Package visibility
FedEx provides you with visibility to your residential package information for FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, FedEx Home Delivery ®, and FedEx SmartPost ®.

These packages are visible to you if your name and residential address(es) show you as the recipient or shipper. Packages are visible up to 15 days from the ship date (if not yet delivered) and up to 4 days after delivery.

Please note: FedEx SmartPost packages are not eligible for FedEx Delivery Manager customized delivery options or preferences set up in My Profile.

FedEx Delivery Manager views and FedEx®Tracking views
A drop-down at the top of the screen allows you to switch between two views: FedEx Delivery Manager and FedEx Tracking.

This drop-down is only available if you have access to both FedEx Tracking and FedEx Delivery Manager. The FedEx Delivery Manager views will only contain packages with your registered name and residential address(es). The FedEx Tracking views will only contain packages with commercial or non-registered addresses.

Map View
FedEx Delivery Manager® members can use map views to track a package visually:

  • Use the city level map to view your package’s journey from pickup/drop-off to delivery.
  • Use the street map to view your package’s journey on the day of delivery.
    Service Available: FedEx Express (FedEx First Overnight®, FedEx Priority Overnight®, FedEx 2Day® A.M.)

The map views are available on the Tracking Details page. After you've tracked your shipment, select the button labeled Open the Map located above the Travel History section. If you don’t see the map or it’s not loading, try refreshing the page.

Please note that the icon on the map does not indicate the order of the driver's stops or an exact delivery time.

For More Information:
Contact the FedEx Customer Support Center.

Package information display
There are three ways to view your packages, in a list, calendar, or detail format. You can switch between the views using the icons near the top right of the screen.

List view
The list view displays your package details and allows you to select columns and sort.
Calendar view
The calendar view provides a quick snapshot of package activity within a convenient date range.  You can move backward and forward in the date range by clicking the arrows next to the dates at the top of the screen.  If you have set a Vacation Hold on your shipments in your FedEx Delivery Manager profile, it will display in the calendar.
Detailed view
The detail view provides another way of looking at your package details.  It provides an ability to view tracking numbers on the left-hand side of the screen with the detailed tracking page on the right-hand side of the screen.  The detail view is only available if the total shipment count is 500 or less and is grayed out if the shipment count goes over 500.
Default layout
You can set up your default layout which will appear every time you log into FedEx Delivery Manager.  Simply go to settings, click on the tracking default and choose your desired default view from the list.
Viewing your inbound and outbound packages
Select to display all or some of the packages based on whether the package is to be delivered to your home (inbound) or shipped using your home address (outbound).  The view is defaulted to "All Shipments" but you can change by clicking on "Settings".  In the calendar view when clicking on the "View All" option you will be redirected to the list grid.

Displaying packages by address
If you registered more than one residential address with your FedEx Delivery Manager, you may view packages from one or all addresses. You can make this selection at the top left corner of the screen.

Customizing views
You can create and save customized views for frequent use.  Use the "Columns" dropdown menu to the left of the "Search" box to select or deselect columns to display in the list view and use the sorting capability to customize your view.  Then click "Save this view" and enter a unique name.  Then click "Save" to save your selections.  You can create up to 10 custom views.  From within the "Calendar view" you can only sort on two options, Ship Date and Scheduled delivery date.  From within the detailed view you can sort on three options, Ship Date, Status and Scheduled delivery date.
Accessing your custom views
Under "Custom views" selection click the name of a view you previously saved and want to access quickly.

Adding packages to your display
To add a package to your view, enter the FedEx tracking, door tag, or FedEx Office order number for the package.

Searching for specific packages
You can find packages by entering information about the package in the “Track or Search” text box. You may search by criteria such as shipper name, package status, package pick up date, package estimated delivery date, etc.  Highlight and delete your search criteria to return to the original view.

Adding packages to your watch list
You can add packages to your watch list at any time by simply clicking on the star icon. The icon will turn purple to show that the package has been added to your watch list.  To remove a package from your watch list, click the star icon again.

Nicknaming your package
You can nickname your packages to easily identify them. Just click on the pencil icon for the package you want to nickname. Once complete, it will show the new name in your list view. You can use the same nickname on multiple packages.

Removing packages from your list
To remove a shipment from your list, simply click on the “remove shipment” icon on the tracking number (x) displayed on the list.
Restore removed shipments
You can restore shipments removed during the session by clicking on the "Restore shipments now" link at the bottom.  If you exit the session, this option will not be available.  You will have to enter the tracking number(s) in the track or search section, and those will be automatically added back on your list.

How Do I Get More Help?
Please call the Technology Support Solutions help desk at 1.877.339.2774.

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