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FedEx® Tracking Quick Help

Shipment visibility

FedEx Tracking provides you with visibility to shipment status information for FedEx Express ®, FedEx Express ® Freight, FedEx Ground ®, FedEx Home Delivery ®, FedEx Freight ® and FedEx SmartPost ® shipments.

Note: FedEx Ground and FedEx Freight services are available in the U.S., Canada and Mexico only. FedEx Home Delivery and FedEx SmartPost services are available in the U.S. only.

You may view all your shipments in a list calendar view or detail view. You may also filter your shipments by inbound, outbound, and third party shipments if your account number(s) and/or addresses are registered in FedEx InSight ®. Shipments are visible up to 15 days from the ship date (if not yet delivered) and up to 4 days after delivery.

Shipments shipped via FedEx Ship Manager ® or that are manually tracked will also be available within FedEx Tracking for up to 60 days.

You can view your shipments in three different layouts.
List view
The list view displays your package details and allows you to filter, customize and sort based on your selection.
Calendar view
The calendar view provides a quick snapshot of package activity within a convenient date range.  You can move backward and forward in months by clicking the arrows next to the month at the top of the screen.
Detail View
The Detail view provides another way of looking at your package details.  It provides an ability to view tracking numbers on the left hand side of the screen with the detailed tracking page on the right hand side of the screen.  The Detail view is only available if the total shipment count is 500 or less and is grayed out if the shipment count goes over 500.

Shipment volume

FedEx Tracking has a shipment volume limitation of 20,000 shipments. If your shipment volume is greater than that, you will be presented with an option to filter your shipments by up to 3 of the options below:

Shipment Information:

  • Ship date
  • Scheduled delivery date
  • FedEx company
  • Reference ID
  • Status

Recipient Information:

  • Recipient company
  • Recipient state
  • Recipient country

Shipper Information

  • Shipper company
  • Shipper country
  • Shipper postal

Selecting which shipments to display

Select one or all of the Inbound, Outbound and Third Party options by choosing the desired option within the Standard view drop down menu. Upon login, this menu may be labeled as ‘All shipments’. Options include:
  • All shipments
  • Inbound
  • Outbound
  • Third Party
  • Unknown direction
  • Exceptions
  • Watch lists
  • Returns
  • FedEx Freight advance notice (only for customers signed up for advance notice)

Searching for specific shipments

Enter the search criteria in the Search text box. You can search by entering any data element found in the shipment record and the screen will dynamically update based on the search results.

Note: To reset the table to the original list of shipments, simply delete the search criteria.

Advanced filters

You can customize filters to make finding your shipments easier. These options include filtering based on shipment status or package, shipper or recipient information. Simply click on the Filters link to view options and use the Filters drop down menu to see the full list of customizable filters.

Customizing views

You can create and save customized views for frequent use.  Use the Columns drop down menu to the left of the Search box to select or deselect columns to display in the view.  Use the filters feature and sorting capability to customize your view.
Then click Save this view and enter a unique name.  Then click Save to save your selections.  You can create up to 10 custom views.
Access your custom views

Under custom views selection click the name of a view you previously saved and want to access quickly.
Default View

You can setup your default layout which will appear every time you log into FedEx Tracking.  Simply go to settings, click on the Tracking default and choose your desired default view from the list.

Access customs documentation

Access to customs documentation (Commercial Invoice, entry documents, etc.) is available for U.S. inbound FedEx Express shipments cleared by FedEx Trade Networks. Note: Visibility to this documentation is only available via FedEx Tracking if you are the responsible payer for a shipment's duties and taxes.

By selecting a tracking number, when you are responsible for the duties and taxes, a ‘Clearance Detail’ link will display on the tracking details screen. This detail is visible after FedEx Trade Networks files the entry, which could be 48 hours or more after pickup.

Customers who are not responsible for the duties and taxes will not have the ‘Clearance Detail’ link.

Note: Must have Adobe Acrobat Reader v. 5.0 or newer for visibility

International returns

FedEx Tracking provides visibility of return shipments. You can easily view your return shipments by selecting the ‘Returns’ option under the ‘Quick Filter’ drop down menu. To view shipment details, simply double click on the shipment in the list for which you want more information. To view a list of all return shipments that have been created but are not in the possession of FedEx, you must use the ‘Returns data export’ feature in the ‘Export’ dropdown menu. You may download and save the data in spreadsheet or XML format. This data is available for up to two years.

View shipment exceptions

Shipments that encounter exceptions such as clearance delays or delivery exceptions are highlighted in red to advise you when an exception has occurred.

Upon login you will be alerted of shipment exceptions in the top section of your screen. You can also access all shipment exceptions by 'Exceptions' under the "All Shipment-Standard View" drop down menu. Clicking on the tracking number will bring up the tracking details screen, which will show more information on the shipment exception.
You can also filter "exceptions" on the status column or sort the status column for quick access to your exception shipments.
Nickname your shipment

You can nickname your shipments to easily identify them. Just click on the pencil icon on your list for the shipment you want to nickname. After you nickname your shipment, it will show the new name along with the tracking number on your view. You can use the same nickname on multiple shipments.

Add shipment to your watch list

You can add shipments to your watch list at any time by simply clicking on the star icon on your list for the shipment you want to add. The star icon will turn yellow to let you know the shipment has been added to your watch list.

You can access all the shipments that have been added to your watch list by clicking on ‘Watch list’ from Standard view drop down menu. To remove a shipment from your watch list, simply click on the star again.

Remove shipments from your watch list

To remove a shipment from your list, simply click on the remove shipment icon on the tracking number (x) displayed on the list.
Restore removed shipments
You can restore shipments removed during the session by clicking on the "restore shipment now" link at the bottom.  If you exit the session, this option will not be available.  You will have to enter the tracking number/s in the track or search section and those will be automatically added back to your list.

Request notifications

You can receive emails regarding shipment exceptions and delivery updates, along with sending updates to others via the Notifications tab in the shipment details. Simply click on the Notifications tab within shipment details and complete the requested information. You may also access this feature via the Features drop down menu.

Obtain proof of delivery

To confirm a shipment has been received and signed for, you can use our signature proof of delivery option. With this option, you can see a picture of the recipient's signature for FedEx Express, FedEx Ground and FedEx Freight shipments only. You can view this letter online, print it out, email it or fax it.

Here are some helpful tips: Detailed Signature Proof of Delivery can be found in the details section of the tracking detail page. You can use signature proof of delivery to get a picture of the recipient's signature (if the signature is available) once the shipment has been delivered.

Signature proof of delivery data availability

The information is available for up to 18 months for FedEx Express and FedEx Ground shipments and 2 years for FedEx Freight shipments. This includes the signature image and associated shipment information. The signature image and additional recipient information may not be available for display in all countries. This will be indicated on the signature proof of delivery where applicable.

You must provide a 9-digit FedEx account number associated with the shipment for visibility if you are not the shipper or payer of that shipment.

Track associated shipments

You may access multiple-piece shipments via the Master Tracking Number: The first tracking number in a multiple-piece shipment that associates all tracking numbers in the shipment. Each shipment will be linked as associated shipments. Track one shipment and have access to information for all associated multiple-piece shipments.

Exporting detailed shipment information

You can export information about your shipments by using the Export drop down menu to the right of the search box. This option will allow you to export your shipments in Spreadsheet or XML format as well as the ability to choose other filter criteria.

How Do I Get More Help?
Please call the Technology Support Solutions help desk at 1.877.339.2774.

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