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Guidelines and information on how to bring the FedEx #11 Showcar to you and your event.

Guidelines and information on how to bring the FedEx #11 Showcar to you and your event.

FedEx Racing Showcar Guidelines

Welcome to the FedEx Racing® Showcar resource center! Here you will find everything you need to have a successful Showcar event. Please see the links below for the Showcar Appearance Guidelines.

If you have any questions, please contact us at fedexracing.showcar@anepiccompany.com.

FedEx Racing Showcar Promotional Kit

One of the best ways to have a successful Showcar event is to promote it using flyers, direct mail, banners, and window clings. Download the promotional kit below to access these materials and promote your event!

FedEx Racing Showcar Social Posts

Promoting your Showcar appearance on social media is a great way to draw a larger crowd to the event. Below are some Twitter and Facebook posts you can use to spread the excitement about the Showcar coming to your location. Please note, these posts should not be altered in any way outside of the information relevant to your appearance (time, date, and address). Enjoy your Showcar appearance!


From (time) on (date), the #FedEx11 Toyota Camry will be at (address). Catch it…if you can!

Catch it…if you can! The #FedEx11 Toyota Camry will be at (address) on (date) from (time).

Make sure to stop by (address) from (time) on (date) to check out the #FedEx11 Toyota Camry!


Catch it…if you can! The #11 FedEx Toyota Camry will be at (address) from (time) on (date). Stop by to meet racing experts, win gear, and take pictures with the #11 car.

Stop by (address) on (date) from (time) to check out the #11 FedEx Toyota Camry. You can take pictures with the #11 car and meet racing experts from the FedEx Racing team!

Be sure to race in to (address) on (date) between (time) to see the #11 FedEx Toyota Camry! Stop by to meet racing experts, take pictures with the #11 car, and receive souvenirs.

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On-Site Photography

For all events, the Showcar teams provide a photography solution for your event. This solution is provided as a part of your appearance at no additional charge. Attendees will be given the option of having their picture taken with the FedEx Camry and retrieving the pictures online.

Please see below for Showcar appearance layout suggestions.

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