Pack-and-ship store owner hanging FedEx Authorized ShipCenter<sup>®</sup> (FASC) sign

A1 Packaging Store Makes a Commitment

A1 Packaging Store Makes a Commitment

Seventeen years ago, when he was just 23 years old, Kevin Presse went from being an employee at A1 Packaging Store to owning it. 

A1 Packaging Store is in West Lafayette, Indiana, near Purdue University and several community colleges. The previous store owner was tired of driving an hour every day from his home in Indianapolis, so when Kevin asked whether he was interested in selling, the owner said, “Where do we sign? I’m ready to go.” And Kevin took it over from there.

Making a Change

The store was doing mediocre business when Kevin bought it in 2002. From the start, he changed the philosophy of how the store was run, such as focusing on selling the value of FedEx Ground to his customers.

“I brought it to a higher level. [The previous owner] ran it a different way than I do — he tried to squeeze every penny out of each customer,” Kevin says. “Yeah, I’m here to make money, but if I squeeze every penny and don’t treat you well, you’re not coming back. If I give you a good product at a good price and am nice to you, you’ll come back.”

He does that by being honest with customers on how they can save time and money with FedEx Ground. “We don’t purposely down-sell, but sometimes that’s what the customer wants and so you have to do it,” he says.

When Kevin took over A1 Packaging, the store sold mostly UPS shipping. “Our store was like the highest-grossing UPS store in our region,” he says. “But when they bought Mail Boxes Etc., we became just a number. That’s when I made the decision to really push FedEx.” That was around 2003–2004, and he’s climbed to the top 20 of FedEx Authorized ShipCenter® (FASC) shippers since then.

Making a Commitment

Kevin worked hard to make his store a success. He understood that to make it financially in the pack-and-ship industry, he needed to commit to one carrier: FedEx.

“Since I’ve committed to FedEx, my rates are so much better than they are with UPS,” he says. “The way to be successful is you’ve got to choose. You have to choose one as your main carrier. Once you pick the carrier that you really want a relationship with, then you start selling the value [of the service].”

When customers want to ship via USPS because they’ll pay less, Kevin explains to them that while they might save a few dollars, the service is less dependable and the shipment isn’t backed by a guarantee.

“FedEx isn’t always going to be your cheapest. You need to sell the value of it to your customers,” he says.

So he and his staff of three full-time and three part-time team members show customers the value of FedEx Ground by walking them through a comparison of available services. They tell customers how FedEx Ground is ideal for shipments that don’t need to arrive “superfast”; they will arrive on a certain day, and delivery is backed by the FedEx Money-Back Guarantee.1

Making a Difference

Customers are often surprised they can save substantially with FedEx Ground; plus, they can ship packages with 1-day delivery to locations within 300 miles of the store. And the Saturday delivery they can get with FedEx Home Delivery® is a big draw.2

These customers return to ship with A1 Packaging knowing Kevin and his team have their best interests in mind. Now, he says, even when his customers are traveling, they still use FedEx Ground to ship items back home. “Because they’ve been sold on that value,” he says.

Making His Mark

Over the years, Kevin took his store from mediocrity to being a top 20 shipper for FedEx Ground. He attributes much of his success to hard work, the value FedEx® services offer, and the support he gets from his peers and FedEx.

“FedEx treats me well. They don’t just treat me like a number like some of the other carriers do,” Kevin says. “FedEx does a good job supporting my business.”

Now, after 17 years as a store owner, Kevin isn’t ready to settle for being a top 20 shipper. “One of my goals is to become a top 10,” he says. “I think I could be a top 10 shipper in the program.” 

A Pricing Structure Created to Help Boost Your Revenue

In November 2018, FedEx adjusted the pricing structure for FedEx Authorized ShipCenter® (FASC) participants to provide greater revenue-building opportunities.

With the growth in e-commerce, your small-business customers need fast, affordable shipping so they can meet their customers’ expectations. Help them succeed in business by telling them how FedEx Ground and FedEx Home Delivery® will serve their needs.

Helping their business grow will help your business grow. Because, as a participant, the more you ship via a FedEx® service — FedEx Express, FedEx Ground and FedEx Home Delivery — the greater your volume and the bigger your revenue.

Thank you for participating in the FASC program and for your loyal service to our mutual customers.

1For information on the money-back guarantee, go to the Service Guide on

2FedEx Date Certain Home Delivery®, FedEx Evening Home Delivery®, FedEx Appointment Home Delivery® and Saturday delivery are not available to all areas.