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Save Time on Administrative Tasks With These FedEx Tools

Save Time on Administrative Tasks With These FedEx Tools

If you’re like most small-business owners, you’re spending up to 17% of your work time on administrative tasks and about one-fourth of that on accounting.* That’s a lot of time taken away from serving your customers and attending to the rest of your business duties.

You can shorten that time by taking advantage of free reporting tools we’ve created to help businesses gain efficiency and visibility. Specifically, the FedEx® Reporting Online and FedEx® Billing Online tools will help simplify the accounting tasks tied to your FedEx account, and FedEx® Tracking will help you efficiently and proactively serve your customers.

FedEx Reporting Online

When you know shipping trends generated at your store, you’re able to plan your business and marketing strategies accordingly. You can get this level of detail with FedEx Reporting Online, a web-based application that lets you build customized reports for FedEx Express®, FedEx Ground®, FedEx Freight® and FedEx SmartPost® shipments. You can get up to two years of data on the shipments invoiced through your FedEx account number.

Get the answers you need by customizing your criteria for summarized or detailed reports. You can filter the data, create charts and graphs, and more. Plus, you can schedule your reports to run on a daily, monthly or weekly schedule and get the data in Excel, CSV, PDF and PowerPoint formats. Here’s a list of the reports you can get from the online tool to help manage your FedEx shipment activity:

  • Address correction detail
  • Dimmed package detail — invoice detail
  • Expense and volume summary (USD and billed currency)
  • Shipper summary — invoice date (USD)
  • Shipment detail — invoice (USD)
  • Weight and volume
  • Extended shipment detail (USD and billed currency)
  • Account master
  • Custom detail
  • Claims activity detail (U.S. and Canada only) — file date

And if you ship freight via FedEx, you can generate these reports:

  • Status
  • Shipment
  • Shipment breakdown
  • Account summary
  • Corrections

Get more information on how you can manage your accounts using FedEx Reporting Online.

FedEx Billing Online

Keep all of your FedEx invoice and payment information in one secure online location with FedEx Billing Online. The free tool helps streamline your billing processing by enabling you to view your payments and invoices; schedule automatic payments; make payments electronically, by credit card or check; send notifications; and more. Plus, you can register as many users as you’d like to manage your invoices — and create rules for which functions they can access. 

Get more details on how FedEx Billing Online can help simplify your accounting system.

Advanced Tracking for FedEx® Shipments

Chances are, your pack-and-ship store is the closest your small-business customers have to a shipping department. You’re their logistics liaison. They count on you to help them make smart decisions on shipping services and rely on you to help track their shipments’ status and problem solve when the unexpected happens.

Your customers can track their incoming and outgoing shipments on their own using their desktop, laptop, mobile device or Apple Watch when you give them the tracking number. You can also tell them about the convenience of using FedEx Delivery Manager® to manage their home deliveries.

But when they want the extra assurance that someone besides themselves is also overseeing their more important and high-value shipments, you can reassure them you’re able to monitor the status of their inbound, outbound and third-party shipments from pickup to delivery with FedEx Tracking.

By providing visibility and customized viewing of your shipments, this sophisticated, yet intuitive, shipment management tool supports the level of customer service that makes your store stand out among the competition. Every shipment you process from the list below using your FedEx account number appears on the FedEx Tracking management tool: 

  • FedEx Express
  • FedEx Express® Freight
  • FedEx Ground
  • FedEx Freight
  • FedEx Home Delivery®
  • FedEx SmartPost

By using the customizable features described below, you can provide proactive service and additional insight to your small-business customers: 

Create a name for each of your customers (the name of their small business, for instance), then filter the FedEx Tracking list by nickname so you can see at a glance where an individual or group of shipments is in transit. 

Select, unselect and move columns based on subcategories within shipment, shipper and recipient groups. Further customize the tool by choosing which details you want for sorting and search functions. For instance, you can include a column for outgoing shipments flagged for special handling. You can have another column showing the recipient’s name and the number of pieces in the shipment. You can filter your list so only outbound shipments appear — or shipments being delivered today. 

Let’s say you have a small-business customer shipping a high-value product to her customer. You can flag that shipment with a purple star so it stands out among other shipments. You can also access a group of these shipments by creating a “watch list” dropdown filter.

You can honor a customer’s request to confirm a shipment has been received and signed for by selecting the proof-of-delivery option in the FedEx Tracking tool. 

Any shipments that are delayed because of unforeseen circumstances will appear in red at the top of the screen when you log in. You can also quickly access shipment exceptions by applying the “exceptions” filter and set up alerts so you and your customers receive notifications of a delayed shipment. 

You can request to have notifications sent to you and your customers with delivery updates or when shipment exceptions occur. 

If you make it a practice to review these tracking tools throughout the day, you can provide proactive service to your customers by letting them know of any shipment delays or informing them when a high-valued shipment has reached its destination. 

See how FedEx Tracking can work for you and your customers.


*"Sage Survey Shows that Unleashing Business Builders from Burdensome Administrative Tasks Could Unlock up to $600 Billion in Lost Productivity." Sept. 12, 2017. Sage.