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Using fedex.com Login

Cookies and Browser Requirements

Required Information

Using fedex.com Login

fedex.com Login provides access to online services with a single user ID and password:
• FedEx Ship Manager┬« at fedex.com
• FedEx Ship Manager at fedex.com-Shipping Administration
• My FedEx
• FedEx┬« Global Trade Manager
• FedEx InSight
• FedEx Billing Online
• FedEx Discount Detail Tool
• FedEx Claims Online
• Schedule a Pickup
• FedEx Account Specific Rates
• FedEx Supplies Online
• Export Agent Filing

Forgotten password
If you have forgotten your password, click on the "Forgot your password?" link. You will be asked for your user ID, and then be presented with your reminder question. Once you answer your reminder question, you can either have your password emailed to you or reset your password online.

Change password
If you would like to change your fedex.com password, just log in to any online service with your current user ID and password and click the "My Profile" tab. Type in your new password, confirm your new password, and click "Submit". (Or, you can click on the "Forgot your password?" link on the login page, answer your reminder question, and reset your password.)

Change user ID
If you would like to change your fedex.com user ID, just log in to any online service with your current user ID and password and click the "My Profile" tab. Type in your new user ID with your current password (and confirm your current password), and click "Submit".

fedex.com Login session Time Out
A fedex.com Login session will automatically time out after remaining idle for one hour. For your protection, we suggest that you click "Log Out" any time you leave your computer unattended.

Sharing a computer
If you would like to have multiple users or multiple accounts on the same computer, just click "Log Out " to log yourself out of fedex.com at the end of your session. Someone else can then log in with a different user ID and password. Please note that if you do not log out, your fedex.com Login account will be accessible to others using your computer.

Logging in from a different computer
To view your information from a different location or a different computer, log in with the same user ID and password that you used to create your fedex.com Login account. You don't need to re-register.

Cookies and Browser Requirements

• As outlined in the fedex.com Privacy Policy, FedEx does use cookies. In order to register for fedex.com Login, you must set your browser to accept cookies.

Browser requirements
• fedex.com Login supports Netscape Navigator versions 6.0 and higher as well as Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 6.0 and higher.

Required Information

Registration is a quick and easy process. Simply select your own User ID and password and follow the Registration steps.

Required Information
• Self-selected user ID and password
• Reminder Question and Reminder Answer (used to confirm your identity)
• First Name and Last Name
• Address
• Email address
• Phone Number
• Your role in the shipping decisions at your company

Select your own user ID and password

• Password must be at least 8 characters or more
• User ID must be at least 6 characters.

• Password cannot contain Company Name, First Name, Last Name or Email Address Sample registration:
• Password must contain at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter and one numeric character

• Both user ID and password are case sensitive
• Please store your user ID and password in a safe place

Answer a secret question
• As part of the registration process, you are required to create a secret question and provide the answer. This question and answer are used to confirm your identity.

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